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s17742010-01-27 08:01:43 +0000 #1

hbqhdcllei2010-01-27 08:13:17 +0000 #2
Yesterday is Sunday. The day's weather is so hot. This afternoon, I went to the swimming pool with my father and my brother.

I put up the swimming suit. When I saw the people who is swimming, I wanted to swim very much. So I made up my mind to learn swimming today!

At first, I could not swim at all. My father was very patient. He He encouraged me and taught me how to swim.Though I was hard to swim, I didn't give up learning swimming! My father taught me how to breath in the water first. Then, He threw me into the deepest part of the swimming pool. That time I was so afraid! I tried and tried to swim. After a moment, my father take me back. Three hours later, with the help of my father, I dared to swim myself. I could swim by myself. Although I couldn't swim very well, I was very happy.

Yesterday I not only learned how to swim, but also learned to be brave



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