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Nanchong where there is swimming pool ah

Xuan 715,9112010-01-27 09:01:07 +0000 #1
Nanchong to supply children to swim where there is a place ah? I have just come to Nanchong, right here, is very familiar with the children to go swimming again Naozhe, children 5 years old my family more. To see which kind-hearted people can help? Thank you
hearts of a plum2010-01-27 09:04:51 +0000 #2
In the Sule Pagoda Park, there is an open-air swimming pool below the bridge, and the price is not expensive, water is very clean. Single minimum charge 5 yuan. There swimsuit swimming trunks sold. Suitable for adults and children to play. I've been feeling good.
wucb1st2010-01-27 09:18:52 +0000 #3
West China Normal University, Western Hills Sports Ground, oil Hospital. We also have residential, but it seems not open in winter. Otherwise, the only Wanjiadenghuo a!



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