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Students how to pick a good pen

325,115,6172010-01-27 09:01:39 +0000 #1
I am a student and can not afford expensive price than the larger and more popular brands, such as the hero;
, or recommend a good, cheap pen, 50 ¥ below (the brand make, model)

did not pen the words to select what tips and hope that many years of experienced people with a pen not hesitate to describe their experiences.

Good extra points! ! ! ! ! !
mirimon20092010-01-27 09:12:00 +0000 #2
heroes as big as 616 or 329 points, the hero of the store counters are less than 10 yuan a quality control is not a good pick tip does not need to be carefully picked crooked stem does not scratch paper to write on the qualified form compare the basic "soil"

net purchase Japan 100 Lok 78G 35 / extension rotation relatively easy to use tip-cap bias small-capacity ink sac ink sac small and easy to aging of the best original with separate ink sac ink sac, but CON-50 to 18 per re - plus shipping a little more budget for ultra-small network purchased fake also basically not worry too much

eternal 101,201 of the original Shanghai eternal fountain pens factory's products do not produce pen yard had closed an online inventory to find some old goods 12K gold tip 45 / support is absolutely high cost, but the seller pick and pens need some experience and luck are fake, but authentic is not too much inventory is hard to say what is the situation for many years so it is not too recommended only providing a choice to 50 yuan relatively easy to use pen common I have used these types of students I most recommend is the heroes of 616 can easily buy a medium thickness pick themselves counters keep a large quantity of cheap Mexican anti-toss
feilillll2010-01-27 09:35:36 +0000 #3
I am with you are a student, but my experiences are definitely more than you pick pen more. I just use the pen to write smooth, I suggest you pick a model for the thin hero pen. Parker pen while smooth, but not grip paper, so I suggest you buy a calligraphy pen Grading Test-specific, the red, and read, "China's hard-pen calligraphy PETS special pen" a few words, and is a hero brand pen, really very good.



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