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Beijing Workers Stadium Is there swimming pool? ? Anxious

MrSkiss2010-01-27 10:01:52 +0000 #1
I live near Beijing Ciyun Si, if the body does not work, please recommend several relatively recent, less expensive place to swim! Thanks! !
david_apollo2010-01-27 10:07:21 +0000 #2
Pok Hong-jun Business Sports

Address: Beijing's Tongzhou District Canal No. 30 West Street

Tel: 010-81550348

Fax: 010-81550348


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the proposed provincial or municipal swimming pool to swim, where the water quality, safety, environment is good, prices are relatively fair, and will not travel also reported that a school swimming classes.

I put all of the swimming pool are introduced to you, you can serve as a reference:


Ying Tung Natatorium

Address: Asian Games Village, Chaoyang District, Olympic No. 1 Anding Road Tel :64912233-537 within the

Opening Hours: 10: 00-22:00

Consumer Reference: better facilities, hot showers on card 300 yuan (30 hours) 30 yuan

Haidian Swimming

Address:海淀区海淀Sports Center

Tel: 62,642,626

Opening Hours: Mon-Fri 12:00-4:00 night 7:00-12:00 Saturday, 12:00 - Late 12:00

Description: autumn and winter indoor facilities for a better museum, there are hot showers sauna and gym

consumption Reference: 15 yuan 1.5 hours

Jade Palace Hotel Swimming Pool

Address: 76 Zhichun Road, Haidian District, Beijing?

Opening Hours :07:00-24: 00

Consumer Reference: 25m * 12.5m 50 yuan / 2 hours

Zhongguancun Swimming Field

Address: Station Road, Haidian District, Zhongguancun South 3 Street, 320

Tel: 62,565,105

Opening Hours: Early Field 12:00-5:00 night games 6:30-8:30

consumer reference: the depth of pool, children's pool, recycling Water, cold shower Tickets 5 yuan

Yuyingxuexiao Swimming

Address: West Street, Haidian District, Beijing Wanshou 11

Opening Hours: Lunch 12:00 Field-14: 00, night games :19:00-22: 00, Holidays 12:00-22: 00

Description: 50 meters long and 25 meters wide, depth 1.7-2.0 m 25 yuan

Consumer Reference: Annual Card 2,400 yuan, 800 yuan quarter cards, random cards 460

Sigma Building, Fitness Club

Opening Hours :09:00-20: 00

Consumer Reference: 6m * 20m, steam and sauna open 75 hours

Bell Temple swimming pool

Address: Haidian District, Big Bell Temple in

Tel: 62,573,285

Opening Hours :12:00-16 :30-8: 00

consumption of reference: the depth of two pools, a cold shower Tickets 5 yuan


Sino-Japanese Youth Exchange Center Swimming Pool

Address: 1 km east of Beijing Lufthansa Shopping Center, Road South, Sino-Japanese Youth Exchange Center

Phone: 64663311 - Swimming

Opening Hours 12:00-22: 00

Description: water temperature 26 degrees, 50m * 25m, 2 meters deep and 8, do not deep-water permit

consumer reference: hot water Shower 50 yuan / time, not limited to, when

Dongdan Natatorium

Tel: 65,231,241

Opening Hours 9:00 am-23: 00

Consumer Reference: Tickets for adults 30 yuan in the primary student ID 20 yuan per ticket 2 hours

Workers Stadium swimming pool

Address: Workers Stadium in

Tel :65016655-5150

Opening Hours :10:00-21: 00

consumption of reference: the depth of two pools, a cold shower 5-6 yuan

21 century hotel swimming pool

Address: Chaoyang District No. 40 Liang Ma Qiao Road,

Opening Hours :12:00-22: 00

Consumer Reference: 50m * 25m 50 Yuan / times

Kang Legong Leisure Park

Address: North Fourth Ring Road, An Wai, Chaoyang

Tel: 64,993,393

Opening hours: 9:00? d night 1:00

Consumer Reference: 50 yuan / person 3 hours (Mon-Fri), 70 yuan / person 3 hours (Saturdays, Sundays)

Great Wall Sheraton Hotel swimming pool

Address: Great Wall Hotels in

Tel: 65,005,566

Opening Hours :6:00-22: 00 sauna, fitness full-service

Chen Jing-lun School Natatorium

Address: No. 38, Chaowai Street, Chaoyang District,

Tel: 65,021,983

Opening Hours: 12:00 -- 22:00 (Four Seasons)

2 hours each consumer reference: fare 15 yuan, 150 yuan for each student pass the lake on the youth of the world

Address: Youth Lake Park (104,108 Road PTT)

Tel: 68,020,282

Open Time :09:00-22: 30 (June to September)

Description: There are two Tianchi an artificial wave pool, and a 3,000 square meter leisure pool a variety of waves Road, Qu Road, Ssangyong water slide and so on

Consumer Reference: 15 yuan / person (3 hours)

to Tan Swimming

Address: Dongcheng District, An Wai Avenue No. 116, Temple of Earth in the sports center

Tel: 64,264,288

Opening Hours 12:00-16: 00 (autumn)

Consumer information: Indoor Hall, a professional, hot shower 15 yuan

1.5 hours to Tan Swimming

Address: Temple of Earth Park, Simon

Tel: 64,264,483

Opening Hours :12:00-14: 00 14:00-16:00 20: 00-21:30

Consumer Reference: tickets 15 yuan monthly 280

Longtan Lake swimming pool

Address: Chaoyang District, Longtan Lake

Tel: 67,131,103

Opening Hours 9:00 am-21: 30

consumption of reference: 10 yuan for adult students 8 yuan

Young Pioneers Park swimming pool

Address: Chaoyang District, Pioneers Park

Tel: 65,022,714 10:00-20:00

consumption of reference: the depth of three pools, a cold shower 3 yuan

Longtan Lake Swimming

Address: Chaoyang District, Longtan Lake

Tel: 67,131,103

Opening Hours 9:00 am-21: 30

Consumer reference: 2 hours in a 10 yuan for adult students in 8 yuan


New Century Hotel Swimming Pool

Address: South Road, Haidian District, the first body on the 6th

Opening Hours: 06:30-24:00

Description: standard, 12m * 24m, 1.5 meters deep

consumer information: 12:00 ago, 90 yuan / person, after 12:00, 150 yuan / person

Navy compound, swimming pool

Address : Haidian District, Gongzhufen naval compound

Tel: 66,857,651

Opening Hours: Weekdays 7:00-8:30 Saturday 2:00-3:30 Sunday 10:00-11:302:00-3:30

Introduction : autumn and winter, opening up a professional indoor hall, with a springboard for hot water shower

Consumer Reference: Indoor obtain a permit 21 yuan, 10 yuan tickets / games outdoor 6 yuan / field


4 in the swimming pool Address: Xicheng District, North West, Huang Cheng Gen Street, A 2

Tel: 66,170,346

Opening Hours :19:30-21: 00 (Four Seasons)

Consumer Reference: fare 10 yuan

Yuyuantan Park swimming pool

Address: Haidian Yuyuantan Park

Tel: 68,584,069

Opening Hours 9:00 am-21: 00

Description: children playing in the water park, water slides, and slide solar shower

Consumer Reference: 15 yuan / day to Yuetan Swimming

Address: South Street A on the 1st Yuetan

Tel: 68,527,282

Opening Hours: Tuesday - Saturday 12:00-13:30 Sunday 2:00-3:30 Indoor Hall

consumer reference: 10 yuan hot shower games

Shijingshan Sports Commission and swimming pool

Tel: 68862299 -- 222

Opening Hours :10:00-16: 00 15:00-19:30

consumer reference: 6 yuan for adults, students student ID 5 yuan

Shijingshan Amusement Park

Address: star anise amusement park subway station 100 meters north

Tel: 68,887,879

Consumer information: There are three adult children, slide 3 slide fare 10 yuan

Shijingshan swimming pool

Address: Shijingshan Shijingshan octagonal bridge south of the stadium

Tel: 68,874,377

Opening Hours: Early Field: 10: 00 - 16:30 Late Field: 17:00-19:30

consumption of reference: the depth of two pools, a cold shower Tickets 6 yuan

Shijingshan Entertainment Center

Tel: 68,866,583

Opening Hours :11:00-0: 30

consumption of reference: fare 30 yuan (limited hours)

universal Leisure Park

Address: 300 meters north of the traffic lights apple

Tel: 68,885,998

Opening Hours :9:00-17: 00 18:30-20:30

consumption of reference: fare 10 yuan night matinee games 5 yuan

Sail Fitness Center

Address: Imperial tomb on the 3rd Ring Road

Phone: 63,462,318

Opening Hours :10:00-22: 00

Consumer Reference: shower 20 yuan / 3 hours

address :***** Ministry of Public swimming pool east of the Public Security Ministry compound

Tel: 65,203,478

Opening Hours 12:00-21: 15

Consumer Reference: every two hours to a depth of two pools, a cold shower 5 yuan


Yi Fang Yuan Sports Healthy City Swimming

Address: Fengtai District, No. 12, Lu Jia Chengshousi

Opening Hours :06:00-24: 00

Consumer Reference: 50-meter lanes 30 yuan / person, 1.1 m Children under 10 yuan / person, not limited to, when

Beijing Gymnasium Natatorium

Address: Stadium Road, Chongwen District, No. 4

Opening Hours :18:00-22: 00, Saturdays and Sundays :15:00-22: 00 25m * 50m

Description: 2 meters deep. There are 2 swimming pools, one internal, one external, must have a deep-water permit.

Taoranting Water Park

Tel: 63,536,526

Description: There should be 9 water recreation area, 10 entertainment, entertainment district and the land attached to facilitate playing in the water play

consumer reference: Mon-Fri 12 yuan (up to 4 hours); Saturdays and Sundays 15 yuan, student tickets 6 yuan

Temple of Heaven Swimming

Address: 4 Temple of Heaven Temple of Heaven East Sports Center

Tel: 67,015,762

Opening Hours: Tuesday, four, on the 6th Field 12:30-13: 30, Monday, three, four, late field 7: 45-9:30;




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