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Breaststroke arm movement

hanzhe802010-01-27 11:01:32 +0000 #1
breaststroke arm movement What are the ah
God of War shooter2010-01-27 11:14:40 +0000 #2
breaststroke arm movement can be divided into holds water, the water, close the hand and move forward cantilevers four closely linked to phase.

1. Grasp of water

arms-reach feet close together, and to focus forward, while a slight shoulder internal rotation, the two palm turned slightly oblique below, and slightly bent wrists, hands separately from the bottom of the pressurized water to the highly skewed to the distance between his hands is about twice the Shoulder Service, when the palms and forearms feel pressure, they began to grasp the water. On the one hand grasping movements of water create favorable conditions to give the water the other hand, can cause the body floating and forward role. Grasp the speed of the water, according to the level of individuals varies, the higher the level of the water quickly grasp, and vice versa slow.

2. The water

when the hands do a good job grasping the water moves, arms points to the 40-45 degree angle, the wrist began to bend, then a gradual positive to do hands arms sideward, the rear of the bent arm pull action. Paddle, the hand movement should be divided into two parts, the first part: Hand out - Down - backward movement, the flow of water from the thumb side of the little finger. The latter part: hand inward - Down - backward movement, the flow of water from the thumb side of the little finger. In planning the water, forearm and upper arm bending angle is constantly changing, their standard is based on the best power play as a criterion. Throughout the planning process of the elbow joint position of water than the high hand. Hand-movement line, should not be to the shoulder under the rear, but should the anteroinferior shoulder. Its speed from slow to fast, to close at hand should reach the fastest speed.

3. Close hand in hand

income is designated as a continuation of the water phase. Close hand, the close direction of the movement inward, upward, forward. As the forearm external rotation, a gradual shift in the palm. Closed hand movements should be conducive to fast-forward-reaching movements to do, and have a sense of inward elbow folder action. When the hand close to the bottom front of the head, the two palm turned in by the post - up position, which makes the arm should not exceed the shoulders of the horizontal extension. Hand movement in the whole closed process, the hand movements to be positive, fast, sleek, close hand at the end of the elbow joint should be lower than hands, large and arm angle is less than 90 degrees.


To move forward cantilevers cantilevers is straight elbow, shoulder to complete, the palm upward gradually shift from the beginning, the Shuang Zhang forward together out in the final before the end of the bottom of a gradual shift . Breaststroke arm action throughout the line are both looking down or looking up the oval, and is a coherent, strength from small to large, the speed from slow to fast the full process.
December 272010-01-27 11:34:17 +0000 #3
out planing



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