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I think they opened a swimming pool in our town because we are children of the town up town Tingduo

molezb2010-01-27 13:01:03 +0000 #1
I think they opened a swimming pool in our town because we are children of the town up town Tingduo bath, and we give him something to some suggestions Thank you very much!
I still do not understand 1012010-01-27 13:05:39 +0000 #2
swimming pool is not recommended to look at those kids have spending power, as well as swimming pool in the summer only business, oh,
Ai Beishi2010-01-27 13:34:12 +0000 #3
your town in the south or the north, with a population how much the level of consumption, there is no other place you can swim in a bath, the business of how the nature of business? The reason is that you have open swimming pool kids do go to the county seat taking a bath? They go to town just to do a bath? Holiday kids to the swimming pool is the peak period, if you put the main target groups positioned on the kids, then the annual off-season as long as 8-9 months how you intended to start if the business is bad for your mental How long is the bear, your reserves can insist that how long? You can think about it.
shimile2010-01-27 14:23:08 +0000 #4
bathing and swimming are two concepts.
wangxuefu293112010-01-27 13:22:59 +0000 #5
I know what you said is a swimming bath, of course, also can be used as a swimming bath, and He He. . .

I have you think so, but we can not find the place that the other funds are not enough, here is my personal advice, want to help you:

If you want to open, you need to develop a sound operational plans, such as floor Under the said, the off-season time, swimming pool how to use, should be considered. We have all kids know how much fun swim, charges properly, the business will be very impressive season, specifically to make profit or loss, depending on your facility costs, rent and a series of halls whether the costs properly. Water is now the most concern. Must be compliance. Charges can be timed punch card can also be a single charge. As each person entering the museum must go through the museum membership cards, card refill, each time into the toll punch card at the door and entered, the card the amount of 5 yuan per hour, or any other amount of consumption, after the submission of a museum storage cabinet keys, back card. Into the museum need to bring swimming cap, otherwise the hair will soon be blocking the water channel. But also to prevent illness and disinfected on a regular basis make the museum needs to produce health certificates of people into the hall, to all necessary measures to better enhance the value pool hall. The remaining empty single room can be the museum set up small shops, selling drinks, but also add the appropriate number of swimming supplies, such as diving glasses, swimming cap, swimwear and so on. In addition, the museum is best to have a corresponding large outside the venue parking. Proposal is in the suburbs, open space, good light and heat conditions are conducive to pool hall to open.



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