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Why is swimming, you can keep fit and healthy

infofannic2010-01-27 13:01:22 +0000 #1

DScully2010-01-27 13:16:59 +0000 #2
Swimming is a people in a particular environment - campaign carried out in the water, people with arms paddle, kick, or kick produced the driving force pushing the body forward. As the human body in water sports, therefore, has some special benefits on the human body. The density of water than air about eight hundred times, so people stood chest in water, breathing felt there is a far applied pressure. Some studies, swimming under the water pressure thorax 12-15 kg. In order to inhale fresh air, you have to overcome this additional pressure, respiratory function is a good exercise. Swimming respiratory rate and movements should be coordinated with rhythmic, forcing deeper each time a number of breathing smoke, which enhances the flexibility of lung tissue and thoracic mobility, so swimming to increase lung capacity can make a person, may be 3500 milliliters to 4500 -- 5500 milliliters, or even more more. Heat of water is about 28 times with the temperature of the air and thus heat dissipation in the water much faster than the land. Swim 100 meters, such as the energy consumption is to run 100 meters on land consumed three times the heat, heat consumption increased, will greatly facilitate in vivo metabolic processes, promote digestion and absorption of nutrients. The body in a long period of children, often to participate in swimming, can promote the growth and development. Swimming were supine on the water, not only requires limb muscle in activities to promote human progress, but also for the waist and have a good strength and muscle tension in order to maintain a reasonable swimming fast forward. This can fully exercise all parts of the body muscles, so that body symmetry, muscle fullness. For the promotion of the human body in terms of fitness, swimming is an ideal sport. Swimming due to cold stimulation, can improve the body ability to regulate body temperature. The adaptability of the human body to enhance the temperature changes, and not susceptible to colds. Swimming can also consume excess fat and fat metabolism in the blood enzyme activity increased, reduce or prevent lipid deposition in the vessel wall, preventing arteriosclerosis and coronary heart disease. Swimming is not sex, age limits, is a young and old can participate in sports. In addition, swimming is a very high practical value to the movement, learn to swim to prevent drowning inundated, improve the ability to overcome nature. However, the current situation, the schools, teachers are afraid to let the students close to the river bank. Over time, young people are not a lack of a skill, a means to survive it? Is hard to understand! How then can people say the technology is not training? It is a contradiction!



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