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Protection of Minors Act specifically what acts are disguised corporal punishment on students, an in

Youth _ the Mood for Love2010-01-27 14:01:39 +0000 #1
Kick the students count?

Dozen students to be counted?

Said that the students unethical, no upbringing count?

Punish students homework, running count?
Nan丶灬錵2010-01-27 14:06:09 +0000 #2
Your say all the above calculation.

Teacher to be so for you, you sue him,

the present society, public notice, they Meipi Qi.

Kick intended for students themselves, said that the students unethical not rearing is targeted at parents and your family.

Recommendation: If you are a junior high school, you just shout at him, had picked up the stool can not refrain from shooting him, and junior high school all right, will not be fired up to punishment, and punishment to graduation also gives you disappeared. If it is high school you asked him, looking for school leaders, no just shout at him, and then sue the courts to not work.

No matter what kind of school, he could not open a student for no reason, that is unlawful dismissal, how can there be so stupid as you think about school, do illegal things. He would rather let you stay in school, there is no reason we will not dismiss you, unless the student has special offender serious! That do not
chenya_xin2010-01-27 14:40:57 +0000 #3
kick students operator;

dozen students operator;

said that the students unethical, no corrections operator;

punish students homework, running count



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