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On the question of fitness to swim

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swimming when the best

a week long tour of the physical help
haili88802010-01-27 15:09:39 +0000 #2
For the ordinary people, travel time can be 2,3 days, ordinary people exercise are the morning to swim, because the morning exercise is the most scientific.

Of course, this must be that the conditions inside your home or swimming pool close to swim once a week can, according to your own circumstances and decide the purpose of exercise training, if it is to lose weight, it is recommended daily travel, if the mere physical exercise in order to on the 2,3 days time.

Every time suggested more than an hour to swim in the water slowly slip, You feel a slight fever the body muscles, you can rest a bit before continuing. From water to keep warm, or muscle stiffness, flu and other symptoms are quite painful.

As with all training projects, Qianwanqianwan do not engage in a tiring time gave his own. Every time swimming to exercise maintained at a similar position, such as the body to adapt to the post, then slowly, little by little increase in strength.

Swimwear, or bought some of the proposed swimming trunks, goggles would not matter, and are the same.

In addition, sports Well, the most important thing is to persist.

I wish you a happy campaign.



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