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Indoor swimming pool to swim in winter

Seeking Ra __ Curcuma Aini2010-04-04 07:11:35 +0000 #1
Beijing, Chaoyang, Haidian, or cheap and clean, indoor swimming pool points

What have Much to our surprise urgent!
Blue Fin swimming coach Ann2010-04-04 07:24:47 +0000 #2
Chang Fu Gong Hotel Pool

Address: No. 26 Jianguomenwai Avenue

Tel: 65125555

Price: 120 yuan / person

Dongdan swimming pool

Address: Dongcheng District, Dahua Lu Jia 2

Tel: 65231241

Price: 30 yuan / person

East Lake Club swimming pool Address: No. 35 Dongzhimen Wai Avenue,

Tel: 64678221

Price: not the external, members free

Jingshan School swimming pool Address: Dongcheng District, West Side city lights

Tel: 65223421

parameters are Skog: 15

20 Yuan / person / 1.5 hours

Gloria hotel swimming pool

Address: Jian Wai Avenue Gloria Hotel

Tel: 65158855

Price: 120 yuan / person

young lake on the World Address: Youth Lake Park

Tel: 64216224

Price: 15 yuan / person / 3 hours

Add Ministry of Public swimming pool: Ministry of Public Security in the courtyard east of Tiananmen Square

Tel: 65203478


Address to the altar: An Wai Avenue, Dongcheng District, No. 116

Tel: 64264288

Eden Club

Address: Dongzhimen South Avenue, Poly Plaza Three

Tel: 65011276

Xidan Cultural Square swimming pool

Address: Xidan Cultural Square

Tel: 66063273

Shichiku building swimming

Address: Xizhimen Qiaodongbeijiao

Tel: 62254411

Participation is the price: 20 yuan / person / 1.5 hours

Beijing Fourth swimming pool Address: North Street, Xicheng District Huang Cheng Gen 2

Tel :66175566-385 Beijing 39 in the swimming pool

Address: North Street, West Huang Cheng Gen A 10

Tel: 66175807


address on the altar: A South Street on the altar at

Tel: 68527282

Beijing Gymnasium swimming pool

Address: Chongwen District 4

Tel: 67112266

Price: 20 yuan / 1.5 hours swimming

Temple Address: 4 Temple Road on the 4th

Tel: 67017562

Reference Price: 10

15 Yuan / person

Capital Hotel Swimming Pool

Address: Qianmen East Avenue Capital Hotel in

Tel: 65129988

Reference price: 40 to 60 yuan / person

Address Xuanwu Sports Centre Swimming Pool : Bai Guang Road, Xuanwu District, 2

Tel: 63543311

Price: 10 yuan / 1.5 hours

Taoranting Water Park

Address: Xuanwu District Taoranting Park

Tel: 63536526

Address the Great Wall Hotel, Swimming Pool : East Third Ring Road North

Tel: 65905566

Price: 150 yuan / person

陈经纶中学 swimming pool Address: No. 38 Blue Island Building Chaowai after

Tel: 85611983

Price: 20 yuan / 2 hours

City Seaview Water Park

Address: Chaoyang airport side 3 kilometers

Tel: 84310885

Price: 30 yuan / person

red scarf Park swimming pool

Address: Chaoyang District No. 3 children Amateur Sports School

Tel: 85830714

Price: 10 yuan / games

Warwick Aquatic Centre Address: Chaoyang Park Songyu Nan Lunan new No. 1

Tel: 87315763

Participation is the price: 15

20 yuan / person

Kang Legong Leisure Park

Address: Chaoyang District, outside the North Fourth Ring Road

Tel: 64925233

Price: 50

70 Yuan / Field

Kunlun Hotel swimming pool Address: Chaoyang District No. 2 Xin Yuan Nan

Tel: 65903388

Price: 150 yuan / person

Lido Hotel Swimming Pool

Address: Chaoyang District Road

Tel: 64376688

Price: 120 yuan / person

Dorset club swimming pool

Address: Jian Wai Avenue, Chaoyang District, 22

Tel: 65122288

Price: 90 yuan / person

Ying Tung Natatorium Address: Olympic Stadium, Chaoyang District,

Tel: 64912233

Price: 40 yuan / Field

Sino-Japanese Youth Exchange Center Natatorium

Address: No. 40 Liang Ma Qiao Road, Chaoyang District,

Tel: 64663311

Price: 50 yuan / person

particularly good swimming pool

Address: 4 South Road, Chaoyang District Xibahe

Tel: 84498668

21st Century Hotel Swimming Pool

Address: No. 40 Liang Ma Qiao Road, Chaoyang District Tel :64663311-3185

Longtan Lake swimming pool Address : Longtan Lake, Chaoyang District,

Tel: 67131103

Workers Stadium swimming pool

Address: Workers Stadium in Tel :65016655-5150

Dukes House swimming


the east main entrance of Chaoyang Park Tel: 65940433 China Resources Hotel swimming pool

Address: No. 35 Jianguo Road, China Resources Hotel, five-story

Tel :85772233-386 Jing Guang Centre

Address: Jing Guang Centre Hu Jia Lou

Tel: 65978888

Pacific Century private clubs

Address: Gong Ti North Road, a 2

Tel: 65393434

Tuanjiehu park simulation Beach Park

Address: Chaoyang District, Hunan Province in the 16th Solidarity

Tel: 85962148

Jade Palace Hotel swimming pool

Address: No. 76, Zhichun Road, Haidian District,

Tel: 62628888

Price: 50 yuan / 2 hours

Haidian swimming


Sports Center, Haidian District Tel: 62642626

Price: 10 yuan / Hongxiang Building, swimming pool hours

Address: Madian Bridge near

Tel: 62013355

Price: 30 yuan / person

Jinyu Building, swimming pool Address: 100 West Third Ring North Road,

Tel: 68725588

Reference price: 50 to 70 yuan / person

Hong Green Park Business Center Swimming Pool

Address: 5 South Road, Haidian District, Landianchang


reference 88446688 price: 50 yuan / person

Yuk Ying School swimming Gallery

Address: 11 West Street, Haidian District Wanshoulu

Tel: 68178080

Price: 25 yuan / games

New Century Hotel swimming pool Address: South Road, Haidian District, No. 6

Tel: 68492001 -86

Sigma Building, Fitness Club Address: No. 49, Zhichun Road,

Tel: 88096699

Haidian swimming

Address: Haidian Town, Haidian Sports Centre

Tel: 62642626

Address Zhongguancun swimming pool : Haidian District, Zhongguancun South Third Street

Tel: 62565105

Sail Fitness Centre

Address: Imperial tomb on the 3rd Ring Road

Tel: 63462318

Fengtai Sports Center Swimming Pool


67 Fengtai Road,

Tel: 63860597

Price: 8

15 Yuan / square garden games


Sports Health City swimming pool Address: Fengtai District, a 12

Tel: 67686118

Price: 30 yuan / person

Shijingshan Water World Address: Shijingshan Amusement Park

Tel: 68874060

Participation is the price: 10

15 Yuan / person

Shijingshan swimming pool Address: Shijingshan stadium

Tel: 68866583

Reference Price: 20 yuan / person

Four Seas Water Park

Address: Badachu Hi-Tech Park West

Tel: 88735998

Price: 10 yuan matinee and evening field 5 yuan, only in the summer

swimming pool

Shijingshan Sports Commission

Address: Shijingshan Tel :68862299-222

Shijingshan Amusement Park Address: Octagon

Tel: 68887879

Shijingshan swimming pool

Address: Shijingshan stadium

Tel: 68874377

universal Leisure Park

Address: 300 meters north of traffic light apple

Tel: 68885998

Xuan Yuan Miao-Qiong2010-04-04 07:55:17 +0000 #3
Sea body
swimmingdays2010-04-04 07:49:40 +0000 #4
swimming pool open as long as the winter is basically constant temperature of 26-28 °. Everyone's standards are not cheap and clean, like themselves to try to wait and see.



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