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Winter Po Liangshui bath of the benefits of + defects

Amoy steam-yang2010-01-27 17:01:47 +0000 #1
live in North China, the winter temperature Shiyieryue even arrived. In early October, I began to sleep Preshoot a cold water bath every night, because I know bring cold water bath to give a lot of benefits, but it was unclear whether there are disadvantages, because some people say listen to rheumatism ah, cold water on the legs not good呀, Shenzhe to hear even more ridiculous, saying that the future will be high paraplegia (fill: Only injuries can there be a high paraplegia) ... In short a large part of people say that Po Liangshui bath is not good, please help to a professional explanation (preferably attached cause mechanism). (((((( Benefits are: a good human skin, blood vessels and then the rapid contraction of the heart under the effect of relaxation is also beneficial for rhinitis also have remission (pro-testing), as well as human psychology is challenging, is need to have a strong will to ... disadvantages: I do not know ))))))) solving

requires a comprehensive answers, seek professional medical person to answer, do not paste other A Friends of the answers, to their own conclusion, and can stick medical textbook for more content (not too much literature written on the name and section) the answer to meet the requirements plus points! ! ! (I am a high credit net visitors Baidu net)

icey12272010-01-27 17:14:30 +0000 #2
Winter Swimming is very good, have a great physical and mental benefits, I hope you can stay the course;

it would first talk about the benefits of:

1. Research and Practice has proved that regular participation in winter swimming has obvious physical fitness, the role of anti-life extension; I think that we all know.

2. can enhance respiratory function, reduce or prevent the winter prone to respiratory diseases.

3. In the winter swimming muscles when developed can greatly help, but also improve the speed and endurance.

4. Contribute to the body's blood circulation. Swimming water massage on the body could play a role. Especially the elderly, easy to arteriosclerosis ah - cardio-cerebral vascular diseases, persist in winter swimming two years later, you will find there will be a marked improvement.

5. Frequently in cold water, winter swimming, can improve the cold resistance and immunity.

6. Can improve sexual function. Those who participated in winter swimming a long-term gonadal hormone secretion significantly increased, but this phenomena is certainly cold water stimuli.

Winter Swimming In fact, in terms of science, nor is it a panacea, can only play a protection role in the prevention of harm

winter swimming, I have not yet been found, if there is, that is, pre-exercise cold water .. Hehe

However, there are a lot of attention to matters of winter swimming ..

people who have more severe disease, high blood pressure patients, congenital heart disease, rheumatic heart valve patients with epilepsy, have not participated in winter swimming.

PS: Winter Swimming to master the four principles of Yin Yu Yang did not travel, travel rain did not tour the wind, the snow did not travel tour fog, Yusei does not travel muddy;

Finally, winter swimming Bars connections, a lot about winter swimming enthusiasts love where the discussion may also be able to find what you want to find ..
devil-dance2010-01-27 17:23:44 +0000 #3
Relieves summer heat and cold baths and can not only enhance the immune system, can be said to be "vascular gymnastics", after continuous exercise, not only in the summer can be washed, even the in winter can also be washed, but the cold baths and step by step and pay attention to the taboo, so as to avoid anti-caused health effects. cold baths was carried out under the control of, and in the human condition can be tolerated, the largest inspire people in cold weather ability to adapt and enhance physical fitness, it's like we normally say to avoid contact with germs, but in controlled conditions, but can be processed through the man-made virus entered into the person's body to obtain maximum reasoning is consistent with the immune effect of , in which the moderate very important, otherwise it will become victims! !



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