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Backstroke athletes turned to change the course of the normal supine position considered cheap?

DP_krins2010-01-27 18:01:26 +0000 #1
Exam questions, answers and would like to ask why?
kr_zhangr2010-01-27 18:05:06 +0000 #2

According to the rules "in the course of the entire swim was supine position. In addition to doing turning movements, the athlete must always sit."

But in turn process, you must change for the supine position.

The following are the rules backstroke.


1. Athletes face of the starting end of the device at both ends to seize the hands, feet (including toes) should be in the underwater prohibit tread in the sink, the sink or sink edge with the toe hook.

2. After the start and turn, the athletes should tread away from the pool wall, and swim in the whole process was supine position. In addition to doing turning movements, the athlete must always sit. Supine position to allow the body to do rotational movements, but must remain less than 90 degrees with the horizontal supine position. Head position not subject to this restriction.

3. Throughout the tour into the process, the athlete must be a part of the body above the surface. In the turning process, allow athletes to completely dive. However, departure and after each turn, players diving distance of not more than 15 meters, 15 meters before the athlete's head must be above the surface.

4. In the turning process, when the athletes shoulder rotation than vertical, may conduct a continuous arm or both arms at the same time the water moves the water, and began to roll before the end of the action. Once the change in supine position, they are not allowed to do with the continuous turning action unrelated to fetch water, or strokes. Athletes must tread away from the pool wall was supine position. Turned to a certain part of the body when the athlete must touch wall

5. Athletes to reach the terminal, it must touch wall Yang position.

Note: "In addition to turning movements to do things" should be understood as "just turning the completion of a coherent course of action can change the supine position."



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