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Breaststroke leg action, including what

hanzhe802010-01-27 20:01:21 +0000 #1
breaststroke leg action, including What is it

I know frog legs
God of War shooter2010-01-27 20:13:42 +0000 #2
breaststroke leg of the technical movements can be divided into closed legs, turned legs, frog legs and sliding four closely linked to the stage.

1. Income legs

income legs in order to turn feet, tread water, to create a favorable position, while that is, to reduce resistance, but also take into account the need for hand legs and a supporting factor. Started to close the legs, the legs with the suction movements, natural down, while the gradual separation of natural knees, legs forward recovery, recycling feet to relax, heel closer to the buttocks, side edge points close. Closed legs are forces should be small, feet and calves recovered to close at the thigh when the projection of the cross-section in order to reduce the resistance to recycling.

Closed legs after the end of the thigh on the trunk around into a 130-140 degree angle around the inside of both knees and hip joints the same width. The angle between the thigh and the calf is about 40-45 degree angle, making leg as far as possible into a vertical position, so that can turn feet, tread water, make a favorable preparations.

2. Turned feet

in the breaststroke leg of the technology, turning leg movements is very important, as it directly affects the effect of tread water. The leg coming to an end, the angle is still close to the buttocks, when the knee buckle inwards, while his legs turned to the outside, so that the inside of the foot and lower leg tread water for a good direction, so that when the water can be increased, and the The great leg strength to play a more active preparations well.

Income legs and turned feet, tread water is a continuous process of the complete movement. The right Anti-foot action is to close before the end of leg is not already started, tread water for completion. If you turned feet, legs slightly stagnant, it will undermine the coherence of action and increase the resistance.

3. Frog legs

breaststroke leg action effects of good or bad depends entirely on the frog legs, the right technology or not. Kick by the power of thigh fat, first stretching the hip, so as far as possible so that the vertical leg to maintain a favorable position on the water, doing frog backward movement of water, followed by stretching the knee and ankle joints.

Frog legs is actually a continuous action a complete action, but tread water first, and clip the water in the post. Actually turning the foot movement, the knees inward, outward feet of water has been fixed for the frog to live the only direction.

Frog legs, good or bad effects of the leg joints not only depends on the route and direction of movement, as well as frog legs, the size of the water area, the most important depends on the speed of frog legs and strength changes in frog's is from slow to fast speed, strength from small to large.

4. Taxiing

frog water after the feet the lowest point in a horizontal plane from the surface to 30-40 cm. At this point the body of water with pedal power moved forward, waist, under pressure, his feet close to the surface, ready to do for the next cycle of action.
liuyanfengyeah2010-01-27 20:13:21 +0000 #3
income, turned, frog, clip (hook back legs close together, and then turned outward, tread water, and then close together, repeat the above actions)



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