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Shallow-water swimming training advantages, disadvantages and advantages and disadvantages of deep-w

chengnuoyyzh2010-01-27 20:01:29 +0000 #1

herodo2010-01-27 20:11:07 +0000 #2
Standard Competition swimming pools are in 1.8 - 2.0 meters, but the domestic swimming pool for the majority of both teaching and recreation will be shallow-water fitness area, water depth of about

1.2 to 2 meters long as it is does not affect the starting arm into the water and the water movement, depth of water will not affect the nature of swimming training effect, may be some impact on the visual senses

the so-called shallow-water training and deep-water training, should be targeted at beginners on the whole, the shallow water are familiar with action, action and are familiar with the consolidation of deep water
idiot salad2010-01-27 20:30:08 +0000 #3
Let me talk about shallow-water bar

Advantages: suitable for children under 7 years old and beginners (will not water) to study, my personal that learning breaststroke suitable for shallow water studies, because the breaststroke tired people at the Sham Shui Po district school tired and unable to rest, resulting in burnout to be dangerous.

Drawback: You can not train endurance. You want the tour because of the rest, because it is shallow, I wanted to rest on the rest. Not endurance training.


Benefits: Personally, I trained two years, due to other reasons to give up their studies, of which 2 years in the deep swim, I am up to 5 meters in deep water training, very hard, but greatly develop my speed and endurance.

Disadvantages: not suitable for beginners and less than 7 years of age children learn

Since it is like swimming, so it is serious about his own experiences to write down. Want to help you!

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