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On Keats written in the Water

Roller Gun2010-01-27 22:01:37 +0000 #1
Keats - "written on the water," What is the meaning? ?
Geun the color of birch2010-01-27 22:08:01 +0000 #2
I remember that I have previously answered this question very much like Keats ....

Is generally believed that Keats deathbed that his poetry did not leave a deep mark on earth, and therefore, "the name written in water" to express their life and career disappointment. However, that this sentence with more than Ammondt's famous "You're doing good, will be recorded in the water" to read, can be found if Keats could have more rich connotations. Keats has always been the vision is through the poetry business "do some good for the world," so the title here, with water both "Dew to be on Xi" is to, again suggesting that his lifelong pursuit intentions.

In addition, Keats said this at a time when he goes on a boat lying in bed like all day to hear that the stone boat water fountain there, heard the sound of this "hydrophilic" environment is very likely that he generate the feeling of floating in the water.

Or a water flow of the media, Keats came to Italy across the seas, and now he's physically able to return, "the name of water written" Is that die abroad, or does it mean poetic soul back home from the Water Gone with the Wind ? In any case, Keats's will have left a puzzle for future generations.

Reference: excerpt from "A Critical Biography of Keats," Fu Xiu along the



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