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Will begin to learn the butterfly freestyle

25421nvx2010-04-06 00:11:04 +0000 #1
freestyle backstroke breaststroke I would, and 7-year-old began to swim, now 16 years old, water-based natural good, I would like to learn butterfly, I have heard of a butterfly is the most difficult to learn, please Under the guidance of the experts how to swim butterfly, good practice?
mihouyu2010-04-06 00:25:00 +0000 #2
If you are the other three positions, I suggest you go to practice every day, and then look at professional athletes swim butterfly soon, and I was a child so self-learning.
_ Mu Yan2010-04-06 00:33:34 +0000 #3
butterfly is not difficult to learn, easy to do, is a little tired. Follow the words of one or two coaches learn enough, if their school may be more time-consuming, the best frequency to find their own way, but also good on the lower part with with.
4034923192010-04-06 00:41:24 +0000 #4
1 through 100 pass ah

look at my space article
5lovesj2010-04-06 01:40:12 +0000 #5
What do you know swimming board?

That can be attached to the water ... ...

You can first use it to practice kick, and then clamped legs, hands

the last practice match practice,

revolutionaries have to do more in imitation of the land, so that there would be no problem of convergence up


butterfly tired

so, to ensure their physical strength it
oo53532010-04-06 01:39:34 +0000 #6
guide you in here?
Wanbo19962010-04-06 03:11:50 +0000 #7
First of all, to have a certain load. See more videos are also helpful
linda7222010-04-06 00:43:34 +0000 #8
butterfly is the most difficult is power, you need stamina. My butterfly is in the sixth grade school, and had to do swimming coach's father called me to swim hard, restless pull endurance, butterfly now is the best school. Practice hard now!
00001985122010-04-06 02:05:19 +0000 #9
Butterfly Technique

1, the technology arm

1, into the water

() into the water point is basically to extend the line in front of the shoulder, elbow slightly curved into the water, and higher than the forearm.

Into the water in order: fingers, forearm, upper arm.


arms into the water after the positive moving water outrigger, Qu wrist catching, first out rotation, again in turn. Under the trunk key hole along similar lines back in the water plan to the fuselage when the two hands, the hands recently between about 10 to 15 cm Department, this time to push hard to accelerate water backwards elbow, until the end. Note that in the first half of the water to maintain a high elbow position. Athletes should have a drum like the feeling of clinging, so you can make the arm in a favorable position on the water.

Part 3

butterfly transfer arm end part of the water and the water transfer arm is a continuous action. Push the water in the end, using ahead of inertia, both hands to the hip throw, then slightly move up the elbow, arms, low and flat along the parabolic trajectory of the water when the arms swing forward line is moved to shoulder level, pay attention to the first Ministry to homeopathic lower for the former into the water.

4, the water line


butterfly leg of the technology wave of the thigh and trunk movements are closely linked. Kick, by the waist force, and in turn lead thighs, calves and soles of the feet, up and down like a whip-like kick. This is the kick and crawl is very similar to the.



in pushing water breathing techniques will be completed, the arm jaw, mouth breathing above water, the water in both hands put forward, the suction end. When the two hands placed close to the shoulder forward line, after a little choked breath.

3, with the technology) butterfly are symmetrical about the technical structure, the arms and legs kick the water with time is crucial. Butterfly with the key is to master the two at the same time: the arms into the water and the first hip fetching water at the same time, accelerate the promotion of water and the end of the second kick at the same time. At the same time mastering the timing of the two, we can maintain the continuity of movement and maximum thrust.


a butterfly technical characteristics, the water made early strength (push the water early), action continuity, frequency, faster athletes, small undulating movements, hip easily at a high level.

2, using the traditional method of the athletes swim, breech slightly larger fluctuations.

Third, his arms into the water and the first hip kick at the same time, accelerate the promotion of water and the end of the second kick at the same time.

4, the second kick and more tend to replay.

5, the arm movements tend to shift the low, flat, straight.

A butterfly teachings to practice, practice

one leg, arms protrusion close together, the two intersect thumb, hand, leg kick, front breathing, pay attention to maintaining upper body stable.

2, arms protrusion close together, the two thumb intersection, payable to kick, your body position should be higher.

3, the third part, arm reach, kick sideways (lateral butterfly) head on the water or underwater, turn around and pay attention to upper body stable.

4, supine leg kick, pay attention to the head and upper body should be smooth. (Yang butterfly leg)

5, supine leg kick, arm or arms into the body held perpendicular to, be careful not to drop the body.

6, recite the hand (hand behind the waist on the back) to play kick, your body will not sink location.

7, arms protrusion close together, or placed in lateral arms, diving kick to experience the feeling when wearing fins.

8, butterfly kick, freestyle arm stroke, keep the upper body stable.

9, the two hands on board fast kick, pay attention to the middle of the two hand on the board, do not lie on the board.


1 arm exercises, playing butterfly legs, hands to do outside the program, turn the stroke movement (picture is a frog hand butterfly leg), experience rowed action.

2, single arm butterfly, arm reach, the other arm forced the water, side breathing, experience both at the same time. The arms into the water and the first hip fetching water at the same time, accelerate the water and push the end of the second leg at the same time. Pay attention to maintaining the continuity of action.

3, single arm butterfly in one hand and placed lateral, the other arm forced the water, front breathing, arms rotation, experience hold water, speed up the water, and the S-line of the stroke.

4, left 1 right 1 left 2 Right 2, stressed the long-stroke, into the water to push water from the end of the line, as far as possible with the technology beyond the normal length of the stroke to extend the program further, to improve the water quality.

5, right 1 left 1 + with the 1, appreciate decomposition swim to interface with the travel time of the feeling that the whole process of butterfly movement.

6, designated butterfly hand, playing a kick, stomp a breaststroke leg, pushing water and kick the same time experience the end of time.

7, butterfly arm stroke, freestyle legs, hands under the shoulders touching one key hole-type experience of the water line.

8, fist swim butterfly, experience forearm, elbow, feeling the water.

9 long arm stroke with breaststroke kick, experience accelerated push water.

10, single arm butterfly, turn left and 1 tour, experience moving arm and arm and leg rhythm, attention to hip kick.


1 with the exercise, leg speed up the pace of travel delay, taking care not to shorten the length of the water lines, each 25 m increase in 1 to 2 times action.

2, the rise of butterfly, speed up the pace

3, by frequency of extreme travel, to try to lengthen the water line, and every 25 meters to reduce 1 to 2 times action.

4, with anti-butterfly swim, improve the coordination of movement.

5, Part IV, and breath holding travel experience with the rhythm.

Hope the landlord felt what I think to remind the next best way to learn to swim is to copy + Practice
Yao Yun Yan2010-04-06 02:10:04 +0000 #10
Please systematic professional guidance, training, butterfly strength and technical requirements can swim pretty harmonious, self does not work . You look at the existing swimming pool how many people will know a decent butterfly, and my son is 11 years old to start training butterfly, and now schools in Australia took the first swimming butterfly, now 13 years old.
Swimmingdays2010-04-06 02:19:38 +0000 #11
You should study the video, be aware of the butterfly, at least in the water has been practiced.

And then with targeted questions to ask.

If you do not understand is that the text would not be able to play more you learn.

See the following video

note the following point of view to learn from imitating

1, the two kick opportunity;

2, hands and feet with time;

3 stroke position;

4, playing the Department of posture legs and feet;

can be combined with other technical information for further learning.
Gwy10042010-04-06 03:07:49 +0000 #12
butterfly on the human body coordination, as well as the abdominal muscles are very demanding, so if you want to self, buy a block of foam start to learn the kick start.

Butterfly kick you should know it. . Foam board is holding your feet together before kick-line, beat two times the rise of breathing continues.

So you think you can kick, you have the basis of the former three kinds of swimming, butterfly should not be hard science. . Abdominal strength enough to be very easy. .



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