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Who invented breaststroke

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1875 Nian 24 Yue 8 the prestigious swimmer M. Webb crossed the English Channel using breaststroke posture, lasted 21 hours and 45 minutes. The early 19th century is the first in the breaststroke swimming competitions in the posture to be adopted. However, breaststroke slowly, one after another in the race has emerged sidestroke, crawl, breaststroke using fewer and fewer people. Until 1904, the first three Olympic Games, when separated from the breaststroke and other posture. 1924

1936 period, the breaststroke, the biggest innovation is the water after the end of his arms are no longer moves forward from the water instead of air moved by the arm, but still use the frog kick breaststroke action, there has been the deformation breaststroke - butterfly.

Breaststroke, breaststroke in ancient people developed on the basis of. The first kind of position, called classical-style breaststroke, tread water legs to both sides of the separation of straight, and then clip the water inward. 20 centuries ago, breaststroke events in the contest has been widely adopted. But then some fast swimming posture appeared one after another, people are multi-purpose sidestroke, freestyle competitions. Since 1900, the Australian crawl appears, regardless of the project in the middle game and even fewer people who breaststroke. 1904 Olympic Games in order to make the 3rd breaststroke competition with other positions being equal, the breaststroke race as a separate project (then a distance of 440 yards). From 1908 4th Olympic Games, men's 200-meter breaststroke was listed as an official event. It is recorded that in 1913 the 1st Far East Games, Chinese athletes have been sent there breaststroke competitions. In 1935, the International Amateur Swimming Federation rules are supplementary regulations on swimming pools, allowing athletes from the air to move forward breaststroke arm, which appeared in butterfly stroke. Butterfly's fast, there is the trend instead of breaststroke.

1936 International Amateur Swimming Federation rules on the breaststroke was added to allow the use of race in the breaststroke, butterfly, which gave the butterfly and breaststroke replaced. In 1948, the 14th Olympic Games, the 200-meter breaststroke final with only one person breaststroke. While in 1952 the 15th Olympic breaststroke competition, all athletes with butterfly stroke technique. So the International Amateur Swimming Federation decided to carve out the project butterfly from the breaststroke. From 1956, the 16th Olympic Games as an official event since the butterfly. The rules also allow the breaststroke time in the water diving, as in the water downstream into the wave resistance is not affected, horizontal posture is good, resistance, speed, faster than the surface of the water breaststroke. So in 1956, the 16th Olympic Games, almost all the breaststroke athletes with a long arm designated diving breaststroke competitions. Furukawa Japanese athletes win in order to create a 2'34 〃 7 results 200-meter breaststroke world record. The 16th Olympic Games, the International Amateur Swimming Federation of revising the rules of breaststroke, cancel diving breaststroke, only allowed to do a post-departure and turned the water a long drawn diving action, and then the head of each movement must be above the surface. So the water has been restored breaststroke technology development, and re-sets breaststroke world record standards. If the men's 100-meter breaststroke for the 1'13 〃 0.1957 Qi Lieyun of China's athletes in order 1'11 〃 7 results first broke the record. Since then reappeared drawn wide and narrow arm breaststroke arm pull technique.

Modern Competitive breaststroke, in Europe earlier, 50's, many European countries have had very good results. 60 era, the United States, the Soviet Union repeatedly broke the world record. The German Democratic Republic, the United Kingdom's power is stronger. Now both male and female breaststroke world record of four projects, for the Soviet Union, the German Democratic Republic, Federal Republic of Germany, the United Kingdom maintained.



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