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A good breaststroke swim, can swim well in other swimming do?

goodhope8882010-01-28 01:01:28 +0000 #1
Breaststroke is the most basic swimming do?
fd06nan2010-01-28 01:14:02 +0000 #2
In fact, breaststroke, freestyle is the basis

because there are a lot of people started to learn from the freestyle, freestyle and breaststroke, the

original is completely different from swimming

So, some people started to learn the breaststroke

as well as some people began to learn the freestyle and backstroke, there are two

One is that now we can see, the game kind of formal backstroke backstroke

the kind of foundation is freestyle

while the other is anti-breaststroke, of course, The foundation is the breaststroke, backstroke kinds of

If you say that in order to match or to speed, etc., then I suggest that from the freestyle began studying

Because once you learn to freestyle, after learning the other swimming, the frequency will be relatively faster

Therefore, many Athletes began as a school freestyle
, and the case of prior learning breaststroke

Zaiqu school's freestyle is very difficult

And if yes to fitness, in order to save themselves, and so on the proposal before you breaststroke

more popular to say at the beginning learning breaststroke, then more practical

because of tread water, sidestroke, breaststroke is to save people, or anti-self-help must be in

and breaststroke is the basis of these skills

higher level, the butterfly, breaststroke, freestyle, then on the right have the requirement that

only the breaststroke and freestyle have some basis for it be possible to learn butterfly

In general, the breaststroke swim well, and it is easy to learn tread water, sidestroke, and anti-breaststroke

freestyle Xuede Hao, then it is easy to learn backstroke , and the speed of swimming faster

The butterfly then freestyle and breaststroke need to have a certain amount of base in order to Xuede Hao

look at personal interests may be, look at individual needs may be,

to choose the direction of
のXiao Yu Jie2010-01-28 01:10:16 +0000 #3
ah it should be said is the basis breaststroke swimming

I think that dog paddle itself is the highest realm of

Hei hei hard
ccad1233212010-01-28 02:14:18 +0000 #4
in foreign countries is the basis for freestyle swimming

in the country regard the breaststroke as a basis in fact 70% of the people I observed breaststroke errors started to learn a lot

a breaststroke just to give you a familiar with the process of water so that you start on the body to reduce drag in the water, swim fast, there is a detailed process of personal expression

It was not a good breaststroke swim to swim not much else can be said that the relationship

but as a basis for any good school otherwise had to be familiar with the very slow water
Nine Dragons China2010-01-28 02:41:48 +0000 #5
is not, based on individual may be. Upstairs said is not entirely, not overseas, freestyle, based in the country, is also the basis for freestyle. I started to follow my father to learn breaststroke, and then I coach said that freestyle is the foundation. Breaststroke for most people is very simple, but the breaststroke is the hardest! Would like to learn how to swim, first swim breaststroke, Ye Hao familiar with the familiar, but you have to really want to swim there is a breakthrough in this regard, if the first school's freestyle bar - I was swimming at the national level athletes, as well as they will not directly ask me
freedom of everyone to2010-01-28 02:16:46 +0000 #6
learn how to swim freestyle start by learning or from breaststroke, swimming, what other school onwards, with the nationality does not matter, China's freestyle was also start to learn the (my friends there).

In general, the breaststroke is probably easier for beginners, because breaststroke action is symmetrical, and is relatively easy to grasp.

There are also some people will crawl deep impression on some, like I said the friend, she felt very suitable for freestyle, she began a school freestyle, have learned it.



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