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How to make a high-wave-style breaststroke pull-forward setting movement?

0.0123 million2010-01-28 02:01:09 +0000 #1
This action is a wave of frog's signature moves. I have been understanding, but have been unable to do anything to. I also note that the hand strokes, but it is still not apparent. The maximum is just exposing the shoulder look. Ask Gaoren This action is how to do things? How should normally practice? There is this movement of the hair kind of force is how? Is the strength of the body rely on the water? Are there better videos? Please do not paste the copy, thank you! !
beyond20472010-01-28 02:10:57 +0000 #2
folder within the designated speed up the arm, arm, the faster the body can pull higher. Note. Do upper body vertical, cable-stayed ahead as far as possible, so that when the cantilevers forward setting, the use of waist power, people got into the water. This is a dive.



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