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The basis of all swimming breaststroke swimming do?

goodhope8882010-01-28 02:01:22 +0000 #1
Breaststroke reaches what extent, they can turn to swim another swimming out?
from a place2010-01-28 02:05:34 +0000 #2
freestyle, breaststroke is the basis in fact

because there are a lot of people started to learn from the freestyle, freestyle and breaststroke, the

original is completely different from swimming

So, some people started to learn the breaststroke

there are some people started to learn the freestyle and backstroke, there are two

One is that now we can see, the game kind of formal backstroke backstroke

the kind of foundation is freestyle

while the other is anti-breaststroke, Of course, such is the breaststroke, backstroke basis of the

If you say that in order to match or to speed, etc., then I suggest that from the freestyle began studying

Because once you learn to freestyle swimming after school the other frequencies will be relatively fast

so many athletes began as a school freestyle
, and the case of prior learning breaststroke

Zaiqu school's freestyle is very difficult

And if yes to fitness in order to save themselves, and so on the proposed breaststroke

more popular before you say the words of one started to learn breaststroke is more practical

because of anti-breaststroke, sidestroke are treading water, or self-help in the rescue must be able to

and breaststroke is the basis of these skills

a higher level, then on the right breaststroke butterfly freestyle, have requested the

only the breaststroke and freestyle are it be possible to learn the basis of a certain butterfly

look at personal interests may be determined to see their individual needs, to choose the direction of
oo53532010-01-28 02:35:31 +0000 #3
breaststroke swimming is not a basis for foreign study is the first freestyle, breaststroke in China before you just used.
Super Girl is very fans2010-01-28 02:30:12 +0000 #4
foreign-based posture freestyle swimming, but our nation is based breaststroke swimming

learn breaststroke, 100 meters can be carried out when the other swimming can learn a

my order is, breaststroke, backstroke , freestyle, butterfly



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