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Well only then to learn how to swim?

zhaoyl1382010-01-28 02:01:35 +0000 #1
I very much learn to swim ah, followed by her husband to go for the first time a lot of nosebleed choked flow, the second away and choking to get out of bed the next day a further nosebleeds, and made behind me, do not go. And each time in the swimming pool where water depth (to the chest Branch), feeling breathless ah, it is difficult subject, which is why ah? I am now好想learned ah, her husband and cervical spine is not good, doctors say swimming is better, so I very much learn to swim, so that you can Qupei him (since he took me to learn how to swim to a choking nosebleeds, he do not own one go.) is not necessarily a professional swimming coach Yaogen school before they can ah? ? Who can help me ah? Thank you in! !
Spring Divine Huaman Yuan2010-01-28 02:06:03 +0000 #2
swimming as an amateur enthusiast, the past few years, I have been insisted Apart from the physical fitness reasons, is more important is the soft spot on the water .

For the people who can not swim, the water will be faced with fear or, worse, talking about water discoloration.

I think most people would like to learn to swim through their own efforts, but due to objective reasons there is no opportunity to learn, or there is no tenacity. Here, I'll want to learn to swim's friends tell us in learning to swim need attention:

1, learning to swim must first customer fear of water, that is, psychologically, to readjust their mentality. Normally, to create more opportunities for contact with water. Were also many, if not to swim into the pool bubble, but do not use swimming circle, otherwise it will create dependency. Secondly, should a firm can certainly learn to conviction.

2, exercises hold your breath. In a sense will be to practice breath holding, but also to overcome the fear of water an effective way. Usually, in the home most of a basin of water basin installed, practice breath holding, from short to long, in order to hold your breath at the pool lay the foundation for practice. I think the swimming action can hold your breath during practice, after practice better.

3, practicing moves (breaststroke). Internet to see video of teaching, the action decomposition, first learning how to arm movements, then, exercises leg movements, and then moves with the practice.

4, movement coordination. After the partial movement of skilled practice, that is, with the most difficult moves. At this time, the body straight in the water, floating on the water, maintain breath holding state, then, Deng frog legs, Deng finished, quickly stretched his legs, and legs close together. Arms and back paddle, while the strength of the head with his arms, lifted out of the water ventilation, (the first call is not finished exhaled gas, and then quickly inhale), and repeatedly practicing.

Have time, then to my room to see
Tianjin Shengda Steel2010-01-28 02:48:02 +0000 #3
find a professional coach, or better, this will compensate for many of the details of issues, reduce unnecessary trouble!

1. Leg movements: breaststroke leg action from the closed legs, turned feet, kick, glide four stages.

(1) the leg: a natural knees down, and gradually separate legs folded up in the back of the thigh, buttocks facing the heel along the water closer. When the leg strength to be small, relax. The end of the leg, thigh and trunk into the 130 ° -140 ° angle, knees slightly wider than hip distance, leg perpendicular to the surface as far as possible, in order to turn the feet and kick ready.

(2) inverted foot: the leg will be the end of the foot was still closer to the hips, knees slightly then be deducted from the same time, his legs turned to the outside, so that the inside of the foot and lower leg tread water for a good direction. Foot valgus should be a positive force hook legs, it's a good foot movement turned the key, while the flexibility of the knee and ankle joints is the completion of action guarantee of quality.

(3) frog legs: frog legs and feet in the turning movement which began under the continuity, that is, without a break after turning back foot to do curved frog in water, until the legs close together. Kick strength should be made to the thigh, first stretching the hip, then extensor, in the end there are about 1 / 4 of the journey quickly stretched the ankle feet close together and legs, so tread water, to obtain greater results. Extensor ankle joints under the pressure associated with the action, can the body raised will help move forward.

(4) Slide: kick after the legs slightly lower than the body, tread water as the propulsion generated by sliding forward, legs should be slightly swarmed very quickly in order to reduce the sliding resistance.

2. Arm movements and arm movements and breathing with the

breaststroke arm movement, with the breaststroke and improved technology have almost become a mere formality of the planning from the original movement, developed into more and more emphasis on its progress in promoting the body in the effect. Breaststroke arm movement from the grasping water, draw water, zoned, protrusion 4 formed a coherent movement in teaching can be based on students to choose the content of the actual teaching.

(1) grasping the water

grasp water is already in the arms close together and the palms turned protrusion outside the start, immediately arm, upper arm internal rotation, external oblique palm and wrist slightly bent, both hands grasping the bottom of separation of syncline水. When the palm of your hand, when the water pressure arm, grasping the completion of the water action immediately.

(2) the water

grasp the water, the arms began to mention the elbow bent, and continue to draw water to the rear. When the two hands outside the designated width is about twice the shoulder width, the upper arm and arm curvature of approximately 115 degrees, which is zoned into.

(3) within the designated

within the designated water is designated as a continuation of strokes it is an important component to produce greater lift and thrust. Within a designated time within the palm turned from the outside to complete the switch to the wrist action, as long as the little finger can be down from last changed. At the same time must be the arm, upper arm at the same time forced inward folder, inside the elbows straight up-down clip. Within the designated action is completed, two palms up, elbows are at shoulder anterior.

(4) protrusion

arm end within the zoned at this time to move forward with the chronic, immediately stretch the shoulder, elbow extension. 2 by the upward turning into a palm down, arms straight and close together was like.

Breaststroke throughout the water line, near the proposed "Peach," the track. Stroke direction is lateral, the next, back in the front; the water force is small to large; draw water from slow to fast speed. With particular emphasis on the middle section is zoned to the protrusion can not have a standstill, movement must be consistent at one go.

(5) co-ordination of respiration and arm technology

breaststroke breathing is carried out with the arm movements are generally used later to breathe when the arms are often zoned to the folder, with the upper body of the lift, the first naturally exposed surface of the water, you can open mouth breathing. Then as the arm-reach, head of natural immersed in water. After a little breath, then exhale slowly.

3. Complete with action

breaststroke leg through the arm movements alternating with each other forward propulsion generated, therefore, arms legs, with the timing is very important. With the well, swim fast even good effect; cooperated very well, there deceleration poor results. Arm paddle straight legs to relax, close hand, when the leg, arm straight when you start the kick, and then sliding arm leg straight.

Arm and breathing and arm, legs, breathing with the full

breaststroke arm and breathing with the breathing, early and late inspiratory two forms. As early as breathing is to his arms, when the water began to rise inhale, to close hand-breath-hold, when to bow their heads, arms protrusion gradually in breath. Arms within the designated night, when breathing is breathing, which also completed the designated end of the suction. Arms-reach, when breath-hold, draw water out of breath. As early as his inspiration breathing a long time and is easier for beginners to master; late inspiratory its inspiratory time is short, but complete with a coherent, compact, and is conducive to the power play, to improve the performance has obvious advantages, for athletes used.

Breaststroke arms, legs, breathing with full, usually one arm pull, one kick, one breath, but can also be two to three-arm leg movements breath once.

(B) action points

1. Leg movements

focus: turning the foot and frog movement of water lines.

Difficulty: turned legs and frog movements.

2. Arm movements and arm movements and breathing with the

focus: Experience of the line and arm stroke and breathing with arm movements.

Difficulty: breathing movements.

3. Complete with action

Focus: arm, leg movements with time.

Difficulty: breathing movements.

(3) breaststroke Teaching Suggestions

1. Note that the organization of the classroom teaching of the students on safety education to enable students to understand the importance of safe swimming and basic methods.

2. Breaststroke teaching steps, teachers should start teaching from decomposition of movement, from the decomposition to the full. To first teach leg movements, and then teach the hand and arm movements and breathing with the movements, the last to teach hands, legs, breathing with the movements complete.

3. Teachers to teach, when every action, there must be a correct move in water and land-based demonstration, with the vivid image of the talk; the same time, the use of wall charts, photographs, slides and video and multimedia courseware to enable students to have a more intuitive in
acekar2010-01-28 02:58:10 +0000 #4
by professional coaches to teach is relatively better, but to swim need to relax, not to be choked into the intimidated before. Just learn how to swim is to drink water; beginning or in the water to your chest deep water, swim would have been better, too deep and no person will be accompanied by not safe to swim; in places where water depth is not the last breath is normal, is water pressure problem, used to be fine.

In addition, would like to say that the general will not be choked by water, epistaxis, right? This situation is not you need to check it (only my personal thoughts)?
TBQRRR2010-01-28 02:42:04 +0000 #5
Deep Water Department because of chest tightness in the water to your water pressure (much larger than the atmospheric Oh), compression to the chest and abdomen impact on respiration, although they can be adapted to the practice, this can enhance lung capacity, help the body are very large, in other words, some of the little deep-water fitness can not do anything! However, while the water pressure can also provide buoyancy, which can greatly reduce the burden on the body, which is why doctors recommend swimming. Therefore, only fitness and relaxation, then, can cultivate a good water-based.

Avoid tension in the water, remember to relax the whole body relaxed, as was the general freedom of unfettered water! Adjust the breathing rhythm, do not be afraid of water, not to deliberately raise his head, if the mouth, nose, below the surface of the water, immediately shut up nose outward breath, of course, nose, mouth, at the same time outward breath can do, afraid you forget. . . In short let the water run in. naughty travel this is the way! And then learn from mallard water, if able to do full-body stretch to relax in the water are not afraid of choking the water, the latter on the very easy!

In short, relax, and remember that you come to swim is to relax, to remove all of the burden; Also, to overcome the psychological fears, fully enjoy the fun in the water!

Those who want to help you!



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