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I would now like to talk about winter swimming which I should pay attention to something?

the development of leisure Fisheries2010-01-28 05:01:05 +0000 #1
I was in Shaanxi people, winter swimming has never been before, a few days ago to see people swim well, and I think over the weekend to go swimming, winter swimming has never been before do not know if the body can not meet

I who can tell how to do Thank you,
Dream blurred2010-01-28 05:06:38 +0000 #2
【Winter Swimming Precautions】

In recent years, the medical profession and some people have winter swimming as a means of treating chronic diseases, such as sedation, analgesic, antitussive, diuretic, the role of the system Khan , and for the treatment of emphysema, coronary heart disease, hypertension, neurasthenia, with remarkable results. Another. Some studies have pointed out that the human form of the experts: Swimming can also help people correct some bad shape, such as kyphosis, scoliosis, so as to shape fit and shape.

Swimming Note:

(1) swimming, we must pay attention to safety. Persons suffering from infectious diseases or open wounds, are not to participate in swimming, women's menstrual period should not generally swim.

(2) after a meal, drink, or intense sweating after exercise when not immediately swim.

(3) should make full preparations before swimming, including free-standing exercises, imitation exercises and stretching exercises and other muscle ligament.

(4) intense swimming, it should be relaxed in the water, adjusting the water again after a good breath. However, if swimming dizziness, nausea, chills, or cramping more than other abnormal situation, the water should be timely.

(5) swimming after the shower or dry preferably in time for the body and pay attention to dress warm.

(6) When a natural swimming baths, the best company with others and pay attention to select clean water areas. Should pay attention to the depth of the water flow rate. Do not have sludge, chaos reefs, stumps, rapids, whirlpool, weeds, polluted waters and vessels and from frequent swimming.

Who is not suitable for winter swimming?

People with more severe heart disease, more severe hypertension, hepatitis, nephritis more serious, more serious diseases such as gastric ulcers were not suitable for winter swimming exercise. In the body not suited to the circumstances, the winter swimming may be worse.

Otitis media can not swim, so difficult to discharge water into the ear, causing the middle ear piercing. Otitis media after cure should wear earplugs when swimming, can not let the ears water.

Furthermore, in order to maintain our health, suffering from infectious skin disease, as well as people suffering from any infectious disease, but also unsuitable for swimming. This is to prevent the spread of infectious diseases.

In addition, to safety, suffering from epilepsy, mental illness is also not suitable for winter swimming exercise.

Research shows that there are three kinds of people not suitable for winter swimming: 16 years of age and 70 young people over the age due to the special condition not suitable for winter swimming; of unsound mind, due to lack of self-control in patients not suitable for winter swimming; In addition, following a medical examination suffering from serious organic diseases such as heart disease, coronary heart disease, tuberculosis, hepatitis, stomach and respiratory diseases were not suitable for winter swimming

preparations should be:

(1) there is sufficient activity to enable the temperature rise high, but not caused by fatigue.

(2) The warming-up activities should include general and special content, but the greatest intensity activity should be avoided.

(3) the intensity and timing of preparatory activities and sports should be due to differ, there are different requirements.

(4) 10

15 minutes before exercise begins to decrease the intensity of preparatory activities, and in five minutes prior to the completion of preparatory activities.

Winter Swimming does not advocate diving, there are six reasons:

1, and gradually into the water, the body needs to adapt to objective conditions. Practice has proved that many people swimming when cramps, dizziness, heart rate suddenly accelerated and so on, with suddenly into the water. The human body from rest into the violent movement, the need for a excessive movement in order to enable the body to adapt to the needs of ministries. For example, in sports competitions, the athletes entered the competition before, have to do warm-up activities, both physical function and mental state into the state of readiness. Winter Swimming gradually into the water when it is the condition of the body's over-winter swimming adaptation.

2, suddenly into the water, likely to cause illness. Because the body temperature differences in water temperature is too low, suddenly into the water, the water will be even more intense stimulation of some, the body enough time to prepare, it is difficult to accept too strong stimulus, which tends to be cited the occurrence of cardiovascular events which led to life-threatening.

3, observation is unclear, easy to delay aid. Winter Swimming in water during this time, due to experience intense stimulation of the body easy to go wrong moment. Groundwater slowly, others can see into the water on the body and respond when they need assistance, you can quickly. If you dive, the body suddenly into the water, if they feel unwell, accident, needs assistance, and the shore is not easy for people to see out the time delay relief.

4, cold, prone to injuries. Cold in winter, swimming near the venue of the surface is often frozen, the ground slippery, easy to wrestling. Diving often easy for the body center of gravity, or the occurrence wrestling, or diving into the water occurs when the deviation, if when you jump into the water, and then Far from person to swim a collision is even more susceptible to accidents.

5, the water ice, easy to scratch the skin. Winter Swimming often be carried out to open ice, so winter swimming in the water are not usually are broad and have not be suitable for diving. Moreover, the water often unable to break the ice fishing to make a small, these small relatively sharp edge of the ice. The ice floating in the water, its transparency, and often people look unclear. Winter swimming is often a result of swimming action was fast and was Periglacial scratch. Encountered ice diving, because the body into the water moves big, fast, very easy on the touch Periglacial scratch cause skin damage.

6, underwater foreign body, easily lead to accidents. In our swimming years, there had been bathing Friends of the diving header hit the rocks at the bottom causing death by accident. They are swimming veteran, usually swimming skills are good, but the accident lies in the careless on. As the saying goes, "all will be drowned in the water." The reason is that people are familiar with or proficient because of a thing, but done careless, thought lax, resulting in a very bad situation. On the contrary, if a matter is not familiar or are not proficient, but doing it but very carefully and cautiously, it is not easy to go wrong. Has also been some people advised them to refrain from diving, but they do not listen, resulting in consequences. Where you can dive, the water should have a certain depth, in the lower shore diving, water depth should not be less than 2.5 m, if the higher shore diving, water depth should be deeper than 3 meters or more. And this deep water is not suitable for winter swimming. In addition, suitable for diving in the water, without any foreign body, such as stones, mud, weeds, rope and so on, diving have also to have a certain skill, or are likely to be dangerous. Swimming are intended to fitness, out of an accident it not be counter-productive?

In order to avoid accidents from happening, so best not to dive. Winter swimming, the water moves more moderate and some, insurance coefficient larger. The safety of relief

Winter Swimming Winter Swimming common risk mainly: skin damage, collision damage, frostbite, cramps, drowning, heart disease.

Skin damage, due to be beside the pool, beach or water scratch sharp objects, such as sharp stones Department, Shugun breaks in, tile rupture, ice and so on. Injured parts are mostly hands, feet, arms, legs and so on. If damage is not, it should be packed in time to the hospital after treatment. Hurting large, large amount of bleeding at the injury site should be the top with a towel, handkerchiefs and other appropriate truss, slow bleeding, bandaging the wound as soon as the hospital treatment.

Prevention: Winter Swimming Winter Swimming former familiar environment, carefully into the water.

Collision injuries, mostly caused by slipping or diving. Such as falls heavier, with particular attention to whether there are fractures or concussion occurred.

Fractures symptoms: There are pain, swelling, subcutaneous ecchymosis, injured at the loss of motor function, deformity, there is tenderness and pain transmission. Whether it should be ascertained as early as possible fracture. In case of fractures, application of splint fracture site, to avoid aggravating injuries. At the same time reported that 120 for help.

Concussion symptoms: coma, systemic muscle relaxation, pale, and dilated pupils, pulse slim and fragile, superficial breathing, conscious awareness can not be recalled after injuries and circumstances, but it can clearly recall the pre-injury matters, there are headache, dizziness symptoms, mild nausea, upset anxiety symptoms. Lying wounded should be made to keep quiet, cold warm, non-random moving, not to make the wounded to sit, stand. Coma can pinch their people, to promote sober. Timely hit 120 for help.

Prevention: Wear non-skid slippers. Do not dive. In the more slippery walking areas should pay attention to safety.

Frostbite, mostly due to winter swimming for too long. Frostbite occurs, they should keep warm, and use alcohol rub rub cold site, so that the blood circulation increased rapidly, and gradually restore body temperature, high temperature objects must not contact with the cold part. Or go to the hospital treatment.

Prevention: Swimming in the winter time can not be too long. Winter swimming water, the time after the body with a dry towel changing. Temperature is below -15 ℃ in winter swimming, the water should pay attention after the frostbite.

Cramps, usually caused by inadequate preparations before entering the water due to. Cramp phenomenon mostly fingers, legs site. Cramp occurs, the application of force stretching cramps parts such as leg cramps, you can use water backstroke supine posture, leg cramps hand Banzhu the thumbs, forced the direction of pulling the body with palms down on the same side leg cramps knee, help knee straight. No one can do repeated several times, can ease, or call for help. Ashore, the dried body, clothes, massage cramping parts (bearing mountains, springs, and Venezuela in the cave, etc.) and the legs, can ease. After landing, should not be swimming.

Prevention: more preparations before entering the water, so that the body joints, the muscles are part of the activities. Into the water should be slow, can first water soaked body, to avoid strong stimulation. Winter swimming is not excessive. Cramps occur after the next winter swimming, they often customary cramps. Winter Swimming the amount should be reduced in order to restore.

Drowning, more a result of collisions, cramps, choking water or other diseases caused by seizures. Timely emergency landing, clear the nose and mouth in the dirt, so prone on the rescue of those legs, those soft reduction to rescue drowning persons in the back, drowning out the belly of control of water, and then to sit in the warmth of the Department . Such as breathing and heart stopped, there is experience to do continuous artificial respiration and heart massage, and promptly reported 120 alarm or distress.

Artificial respiration were the most simple and effective for mouth-mouth resuscitation, method as follows: to make it sit in one hand and try to jack up the lower jaw so that it heads thrown back, to keep the airway clear, the other hand pinch the patient's nostrils, and then deep - breath blown into their mouth, blowing gas after the end of the hand opening pinch the nose to breath. Blowing frequency is 16

18 times / min or so, repeatedly.

Heart massage is a cessation of breathing and heartbeat of those co-ordinating measures. In the artificial respiration at the same time, another person should do in order to do so with the cardiac massage. Methods are: hands overlap, and on its sternum at the junction of the lower third, forced downward pressure, so that the chest wall under the pressure 3

4 cm, and then relax your hands. Should be 60

80 times / min the frequency of rhythmic manner. Rescue children, movement frequency is faster. Men pressure, the force should be uniform, slow, force can not be excessive, let go faster, to guard against damage caused by the ribs.

Prevention: physical discomfort, not reluctantly winter swimming. However, should pay attention to the amount of winter swimming. In the water, if discomfort, it is timely for help shore, or as soon as possible.

Heart attack, mostly due to over-winter swimming. Winter Swimming excessive, the easily lead to a heart attack (as cases). Promptly changing rest ashore. If the situation serious, should be reported to 120 for help.

Prevention: Winter Swimming is not excessive. As in previous history of heart disease, but also should pay attention to their own bodily sensations, the body, such as when you are not comfortable and not winter swimming. Physical conditions were not suited to winter swimming and should not participate in winter swimming.

Winter Swimming with the feeling of a headache how to do this?

Winter swimming, some people will feel a slight headache or dizziness, which may be chronic rhinitis, choking cold water or a temporary result of the body caused by cerebral vasospasm caused by insufficient blood supply. Then shall promptly ashore in the head with the thumb Baihui, the sun and the lack of points Anrou column, and then use hot towel head, have another cup of hot water, can be improved.

If the winter swimming for too long, blood gathered in the lower limbs caused by cerebral ischemia, the energy consumption of a larger body physical fatigue but also give people a headache feeling. At this point you can go ashore to rest the body warm and an appropriate light sugar drink salt water.

In addition, a temporary increase in blood pressure may lead to a dizzy feeling. Because the cold of winter swimming is strong under the sports, the strong cold stress in cold water, the body skin, a sharp contraction of blood vessels, forcing blood vessels in the skin offal and blood returning deep tissue, which may cause a temporary increase in blood pressure. A temporary way to prevent high blood pressure is a little more in cold water before drying in a while, making the body better able to adapt to the stimulus of cold water to avoid jumping into the water, into the water should be used after the more moderate movements, do not swim violently. This keeps the cold water to stimulate the slow, general extent of a sharp contraction in the skin blood vessels will be weakened, thus will not be a temporary increase in blood pressure.

No matter what the cause is, or dizziness, headache, are not to be ignored, it should be promptly restored the body ashore. If every winter swimming when accompanied by headache or dizziness, you should consider whether a high blood pressure, usually not appropriate to participate in this campaign.
ccad1233212010-01-28 05:23:48 +0000 #3
Tour Winter Swimming The process is so

is now a warm-up on shore and then undress the body to warm up a cold to a certain extent be able to slowly swim some good warm-up behavior that might otherwise convulsions

I suggest you wash at home to adapt to adapt to cold-water bath should be said that it is difficult winter swimming were hurt by the

and then go ashore when the warm attention of windy weather, be careful, do not swim
yhqpop2010-01-28 05:43:31 +0000 #4
The best in the summer



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