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Ask hand freestyle underwater stroke route?

ltm7092010-01-28 06:02:04 +0000 #1
People say hand on the water line was drawn under water "S"-shaped, I heard that also need to rotate the wrist, really the case? In short, please pointing hand in the correct strokes underwater, the more detailed the better. Thank you in!
Tmaaaaaasol2010-01-28 06:08:06 +0000 #2
water-skiing when the hands should be in the body axis line. To the right hand water-skiing, for example, the right hand such as water, sliding backwards when the hand axis line, that is, in hand and body vertical when the stomach is probably the following position. Hand would always slide into the butt (and the basic level of the body), followed by natural water.

Imagine the hand into the water when the right side of the head, water-skiing when the hand near the central axis of the body (probably the stomach below), and then slide into the butt of the hand position (right side), and finally water. There is a little "S"-type ah -

hope my answer to your problems help - Hehe
crime2222010-01-28 06:44:19 +0000 #3
Yes, indeed is designated S-shaped, but smaller!

Shift arm, the arm stretching from the water before the , position in front of the shoulder; into the water drawn from within the body after the midline, over the shoulder and begins to draw outside, from the thigh to draw the water side, completing an S-shaped.

As for the wrist turn, this action is not obvious. should be like this: hand into the water before the water was not shooting, but the thumb in the next, oblique lines into the water; but required after the wrist turn into the water to make the palm of the hand facing the water. this should be what you said rotating wrist action bar!



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