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How to adjust the breathing while swimming

Chun-Chi Chun Gui2010-01-28 08:01:09 +0000 #1

kubai2010-01-28 08:17:40 +0000 #2
Science breaststroke ventilation of the essentials are:

kick, the hands clap your hands together stretching forward as far as possible, while bow nose breath, closed legs, hands to the body 2 the bottom side of pressurized water, while the rise (using your hands when you get pressurized water buoyancy so that the first lift), open mouth breathing. A call a suction and repeated cycles.

Personal Experience:

1. First to stand in shallow waters of the upper limbs and head movements, repeated practice (with breathing);

2. Mouth breathing - mouth as Zhang, rapid breathing, but do not start immediately threw the air-suction into the lungs, but to inhale a big breath held in its mouth to mouth as a "transit point", and then further inside smoking. This advantage is not enough to prevent the case of head up high, or the surface of the water from waves, the mouth breathing is not air but a dry, Meng Xi easy to choke with water.

Nose breath - the first one thrown himself into the water, the nose it is easy to water, nose breath can be effectively blocked nose, water, and raise your head and you can inhale, and shorten the time for the rise of ventilation, the neck is not tired, and thereby expediting the swimming speed.

3. To a rise above a bow, a call to practice the coordination of a suction action, and you will be breathing a. The key is not nervous about what action to slow down, a nervous action on the job, people are likely to sink, choking the water. Natural Motion, stretch, it is easy coordinated.

Summarized in two sentences is: "kick bow nose breath, arm stroke the rise of open mouth breathing; kick to be fast and powerful, slower and easily legs closed."

Here's a video, you can see, in order to for reference:

he__yun2010-01-28 08:46:15 +0000 #3
like ah
fy136682010-01-28 09:20:04 +0000 #4
heard that someone in the water and not breathing out of the water, is it? I really do not know please prawns Zhijiao
little confused 20082010-01-28 08:54:28 +0000 #5
Butterfly Yang-frog from the different.

Butterfly and breaststroke were similar. General planning a water-breathing time, but the butterfly is to allow the water twice a breath once.

Freestyle is usually designated a water-breathing time, you can also draw the water breath several times, but one is the rotors breathing breathing freestyle, head snapping his arm, turned around and after the suction mouth.

Backstroke is relatively simple, but it is also very easy to choke with water. Required to tighten the lower jaw, like the rhythm and freestyle, but do not turned around, mouth breathing can be a direct!

Breath and the rhythm of swimming strokes are directly related. Is also a relationship with your lung capacity, but also the relationship between rules and competitions.



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