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About Beijing University of Physical Education teachers in the formation of Zhang Jian Zhang Jian, a

looming Ruoxi2010-01-28 08:02:05 +0000 #1
Beijing University of Physical Education teacher Zhang Jian Wang spent so far has been what straits, lakes and rivers?, As well as Zhang Jian across the team's history and information related to cross? Thank you -
Small Sword Div2010-01-28 08:12:28 +0000 #2
. China Triathlon Sports Association Club, Committee Director

Male, June 12, 1964 Health, Peking Man in 1987, graduated from Beijing University of Physical Education. Beijing University of Physical Education teachers.

Height 176CM, weight 90KG, wingspan 184CM. 8-year-old started to learn to swim, in 1983 admitted to the Department of Beijing University of Physical Education Movement. Graduated from college in 1987 stayed. In 1982 won the National Junior Swimming Swimming 200M runner-up; the sixth held in 1982 at the Beijing sports, he won the 200M butterfly and runner-up; 1984 swimming competitions in the National Sports Institute, he won the 200M butterfly, the first runner-up and the 1500M freestyle 3. Zhang Jian is currently an assistant researcher at Beijing Sport University, Beijing Triathlon Sports Association Secretary-General of China Triathlon Sports Association club commission.

1988, Zhang Jian with 9 hours 19 minutes 52 seconds 64 swam 29.5 kilometers wide Joan Island Strait, known as "crossing the Straits of China's first man"!

August 10 morning Beijing time 10:22, Beijing University of Physical Education Young Teacher Zhang Jian arrived in Penglai Pavilion East Beach, the completion of the challenge the limits of human feat, he did not use any floating objects across the Bohai Straits, the creation of the men across the Straits of the most long-distance world record.

Selected 2001 China TV Sports Awards, won the best non-Olympic athletes Award.



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