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Japanese production speedo goggles how what?

goodhope8882010-01-28 09:01:20 +0000 #1
speedo is not a brand name in Australia do? In Beijing, do not see how the Australian origin of the speedo goggles do?
herodo2010-01-28 09:09:46 +0000 #2
upstairs, and starting into the water goggles when the goggles on the turn was not the problem, but that you have problems in water movement, into the water when the arms forward, head down as low, lower jaw as far as possible close to the chest, goggles are equal regardless of hundred percent is not out

if not a professional, there is no need to use several hundred of the swimming glasses, made of Gone with the Wind had been very good very good brand of
Nan丶灬錵2010-01-28 09:50:35 +0000 #3
import expensive dead, at least 400 more than a mirror.

In general should be sold in Beijing are made, the Guangdong side to.

Beijing Asian Games Village Beiyuan Road, No. 158, has a top grade discounts, good,

to see the.
Idiot salad2010-01-28 10:00:40 +0000 #4
I am going to price it:

an Taobao online prices are priced

SPEEDO 90-250, when the second low-, medium quality, but do not guarantee to buy the genuine is not easy, we have the forum, there are also many friends in the bought online, and then made us a photo identification, the results, it is of course a lot of tears ah ...

Shop also have genuine, the authentic city of just swimming goggles Xuhua price of 25 pounds of it is sold to 440 of your a lot

and as such are SPEEDO Chutou 90-100 low-end products, low-tech, or the A goods, imitation products, performance and English law, ho sand almost, but relied on brand, price is more expensive than competing, one should For example, Logitech mouse that everyone said is good, but he Haoshi Hao MAX5 those in the high-end products, it highlights the LG performance, and design. G1 those who want a 90, 180 of a mouse, he is relying on the price of LG's brand in the supports, the use of the performance is very general, up to paint a bright spot,

so I do not recommend that you purchase the beginning of the head 90-100 In fact, the first heart SPEEDO咱know, a sub-penny goods, must not be under the SPEEDO in order to taste the flavor of the injustice to spend 100 to buy a block of sub-standard, I have had himself a knight on Taobao Beach City buy 90 SPEEDO leisure mirror, that is, thick mats of that particular paragraph, take back a Look at the quality. . . Return the money quickly affixed postage, of course, this is only my personal experience you want to help

2 store price,

generally 20-30% more expensive than the Internet, concentrated in the 250-320 rooms (no discounts) (vary, Hong Kong on the special cheaper) but I can try, you can personally experience the quality, not fake, if you always pay attention to, often can be discounted when the purely monetary his favorite styles (our friends in the forum are Amoy Wang .. there are discounts that they will notify each other, we look at goods one after another to kill)


* If you are recommended to buy SPEEDO not worry about what way was the first,, I have this Shop to sell, come take a look at what,

*咱their own to the store, listening to other people say, than to see for himself, but those attendants are willing to, and do not shrink,

* If you do not know how can you exclusive area, you can come to swim swimming equipment inside the Forum area, which many people discuss their buy SPEEDO and ARENA glasses, are passed on map, you can look at the first time, online shopping can also be Kanxia SPEEDO inside the quote

brand essence I do not quite Phelps's favorite but it is clear that (laughs)



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