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Not to say that swimming can do to keep fit? Why swim in the pool of 50-60 year-old aunt were all al

itqueen2010-01-28 10:01:51 +0000 #1
I am now 28 years old, want to start swimming in order to achieve body sculpting, to keep fit fitness purposes. But I saw the pool of those who swim year round body are aliasing, 30-year-old case, but did not say 50-60 year-old aunt who had. . .

So, I would like to ask you, how to swim properly in order to achieve the fit body effects? If it persists for a while, once stopped, is not very powerful rebound?

I do not want trained in and swim like real athletes, as muscles oh. Thank you for the! :)
eaststarint2010-01-28 10:14:36 +0000 #2
swim in the breaststroke, and you will increase the inner thigh muscles,

freestyle, and you will get a big boom that is robust

the best freestyle, you can create a perfect body, all you have After learning freestyle, we must know how to cut the big arm muscles

uncle, aunt Why do you size, they swim a lack of quantitative,

others are running, why fat is gone, and did not see the thin volume of it

because the movement is not enough to maintain the same posture , the standard 1,000-meter swim, basically results will be very good

and the middle can not break a lot of people are a round on the rest, about 50 meters, do you think this part of sports?

So, swimming is the best way of plastic, but should also pay attention to methods, to find a coach bar
sun moon fxc2010-01-28 10:38:45 +0000 #3
because they are fat and we have to remember to exercise, no exercise habit usually do not pay attention to maintaining

Do not worry Athletes like muscles, your muscles will become tight grip there is a flexible, looking fit and well ah. Girls body has hormones, even if the long muscle that does not matter by themselves

to cultivate the habit of exercise, become like sports, it's very Well
Isao A2010-01-28 11:05:01 +0000 #4
body fat in older persons who can be said that all In order to fitness before going to swim, swimming is not caused such a shape.

You are a young man, thought to go swimming is quite a good piece, adhere to swim, body great benefit.

Surely you do not like the athletes trained in that kind of shape, and there is no need to worry about. The reason is that you do not (and can not) to meet professional swimmer's high intensity training (usually people are too much of), there is no mandatory management, there is no mandatory training program, there is no strict coach training, purely Personal leisure swimming, is not likely to fear as you like real muscles of the.
ajchoi2010-01-28 11:00:46 +0000 #5
That is because those are the aliasing of the aunt to go only after exercise,

but also to the scientific method of exercise and diet to control those who called too late to know

you look at professional athletes do not figure on the know
ccad1233212010-01-28 11:38:00 +0000 #6
. . You will never need to worry about your muscles may follow the swimmer as the amount of basic training in heaven and on earth and the comparison of how diet may be able to muscle out the way

can help you keep fit on the list

A lot of people are swimming, water play The figure has been misinterpreted and that the words are difficult to restore even though swimming unless it is to participate in professional training, but every time persevered

you want to stay in shape so every time you are scheduled to swim 1,000 meters a volume bar should be enough for the average person You have to have it completed in about an hour and then attention to diet must control

If we could do it no problem
dirty Prince2010-01-28 12:50:31 +0000 #7
athlete's body is not just exercise `` They did not come by often particularly careful diet is a habit

`Of course, exercise is essential on those truthful ``` how should I say `the purpose of physical exercise body sculpting results achieved, but did not reach the bar - ha`!



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