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Swim with the swim Kot difference? Cantonese

foolishf32010-01-28 10:01:57 +0000 #1
are called the swimming pool. Have a swimming
freedom of everyone to2010-01-28 10:17:46 +0000 #2
both talked about in any place, any season of swimming, were spoken in Guangzhou say "swim." The concept of man in Guangzhou, the "swim" = "swim."

"Swim" is a written language, writing letters, writing, writing articles, when available, or when the use of Putonghua.

Cantonese spoken language, in general, will not "swim" as a verb. However, as the term is sometimes used,

such as:

"Tonight there are swimming, you Di Wu Extravaganza ah?" (Swimming competition tonight, you Kan Bukan?)

"Luo is a swimmer."
Songwenkang512010-01-28 10:34:33 +0000 #3



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