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Emei hot spring which there is student ticket?

Emsmm2010-01-28 11:02:01 +0000 #1
My Emei campus of Southwest Jiaotong University, would like to play the weekend.
leiwen1002010-01-28 11:14:04 +0000 #2
Emeishan Hong Zhu scenic hot springs tickets 1201 Category: spring / spa entry price: Retail price: 168 yuan Book Price: 128 yuan (How to pay Po-payment?) (with payment of the benefits of Po payment?) (see Emeishan Hong Zhu Spa reviews) Booking Tip: Booking process: 1, AliPay to pay 30 yuan deposit 2 tickets to pay the remaining 98 per person 3, play back to confirm payment / receipt, please 1 day in advance booking. If you are unable to visit scenic spots for some reason, we will be a full refund. Scenic Transport: Motorists to detail: Hong Zhu Hong Zhu Shan Hotel Spa Resort is located within in order to spa-oriented, recreational fitness, leisure and entertainment, matching services, described as "forest hot springs." House building is very special, the door is the sixth floor, and then gradually go down, followed by a variety of recreational fitness facilities, until the reception hall on the second floor of the hot spring area. The secular music can draw into the hot springs is a large and splendid marble staircase, marked the opening of a luxury, a fashionable choice, a status symbol. Indoor hot spring from a large pool of five Koike, both characteristics of hot springs, used for massage therapy. Snapped outside the hot springs, from 19 Koike buildings scattered around the hotel distributed, scattered in the trees hidden in the hillside, the only bare is a wooden Plank Road. Ahead along the Plank Road, one side is the Red Bead Lake, one side is not seen, the voices of 19-shaped pond, and some hidden into the shade of a tree, some hidden in the col between the ramp and some hiding in the corner office, and some are Body small Kiosk. Meanwhile, the museum also has a first-class tennis, electronic simulation golf, British, American billiards, table tennis, squash, fitness facilities, and Fo Chan Tea House, chess, song city, nightclub, KTV rooms and so on, together constitute the comfort , an elegant spa, sports and fitness, leisure and entertainment. "Tibetan temple deep in the mountains, Senzan out Lingquan" under the Hong Zhu Shan Emei hot spring spa is from the Emeishan hillside scenery spewing out of the water is a rare radon hot springs, the temperature between 30-45 ℃. Colorless and tasteless, but it has a special effect, long-term immersion, the treatment of a variety of chronic diseases have a significant effect. 2008 crescent into the mountains Mount Emei Mountain Tour regular fare ticket: high season 150 yuan / person over the age of 60 in his ID card, student ID discount student ticket price 80 yuan / person Emeishan mountain tourist ticket: Zhongshan segment from 40 yuan / Alpine section of people from 30 yuan / person round-trip full-Hill section of 70 Yuan / person, Zhongshan paragraph: baoguosi station, five significant post stations, stations Temple, thousands of years; alpine section: zero km station, Lei Dongping scenic area at the terminal station departure time: 1.每年11 Feb 1 - April 25 (low season) 7:00 - 4: 00 Note: Every morning a half-hour intervals, beginning 12 o'clock hour intervals. 2. 4 per year 26 - October 30 (season) 6:30 - 5: 00 Mid-Levels 3:30 Jinding Note: a bus every half an hour a day 3. Golden Week: 5:00 - 5: 00 Note: Every morning is a class in the afternoon every half hour intervals. Tel :0833-5592464 Wanfo Ding monorail tour full fare round-trip ticket: 60 RMB / person mini-train running time: 8:00 am 6:00 pm Emei Ski Resort Ski: 50 yuan per hour / person flying saucer: each hours and 40 yuan / person spacecraft: hour 40 yuan / person hovercraft: hour 40 yuan / person pulling a dog sled: 30 yuan / person / time ski clothing: 10 yuan per person / sets of gloves: 3 yuan per person / double snow a (snowboard, snow shoes, walking stick): 30 yuan per hour / person years ropeway ropeway up Mount Emei fare: 40 yuan / person Downlink: 30 RMB / person round-trip ticket: 60 yuan / person cableway running time of 6: 40 - 18:00 ropeway up Mount Emei Golden Summit: 40 yuan / person Downlink: 30 RMB / person round-trip ticket: 70 yuan / person cableway running time of 5:30 - 18: 00 Hot Springs Tickets Hong Zhu Shan Hot Springs Resort 128 yuan / person Note: half-price for children under 1.1 meters scenery spa fare Monday ... Thursday: 118 yuan / person Friday ... Sunday: 98 yuan / person Notes: Monday to Thursday; half price for children under 1.4 meters Emeishan Grand Hotel Yoga Spa Guapai Jia: 98 yuan / person; hotel guests: 68 yuan / person; temple fare baoguosi Admission: 8 yuan / person Fuhu Si Tickets: 6 RMB / person years Temple Admission: 10 yuan / Museum of human entertainment spending 15 yuan (With free ticket into the mountains)



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