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Swimming in the waves when the tour did not come back foot again touched, to how to do

sunanp20072010-01-28 13:01:46 +0000 #1

was a bad person2010-01-28 13:04:12 +0000 #2
This is a very dangerous situation of the

First of all, is there to help you or things?

It was the call to help; near a reef, for leveraging the floating objects, of course, to achieve their best,

if not, the bad, pay attention to saving their strength and if it is high tide, as far as possible to save strength with the advent of method, such as the backstroke, or even a supine floating on the water surface in order to restore strength, by the tide would thrust slowly toward the shore at low tide near the

If the encounter ... ...

The best way, of course, do not let this happens, if the unfamiliar water, do not know how tides, do not go to the sea that they are not familiar with swimming, after all, life is only a
leiwen1002010-01-28 13:12:34 +0000 #3
swimming during the inevitable crises occur, particularly in summer, some people will always Careless drowning. unfortunate event of a drowning incident, experts, the drowning person to refrain from panic, should remain calm and positive self-help:

(1) For those hands and feet cramps, if your fingers cramp, you can hand make a fist, and then forced open and more rapidly repeated several times until the seizures eliminated;

(2) If the leg or toe cramps, the first breath Yang-floating, and with the hand cramps holding the opposite limb limb toe cramps, and forced pulled in the direction of the body, while with the same side of the palm of your hand down on his knees cramped limbs, to help the straight leg cramps;

(3) If the leg cramps, it can adopt the same stretch cramping muscles solution.

For the drowning person, in addition to the active self-help, but also active in land-based rescue:

(1) If the nose and mouth female who has mud, weeds and vomitus, should first be removed to maintain upper airway patency;

(2) if it has been drowned by drinking plenty of water, the ambulance can one leg kneeling, another Tuiqu Xi, the female who's thigh on the abdomen on the knees, single-handedly escorted female's head, his mouth down, one hand pressed on the back, so that the water discharge;

(3) If the female who has been unconscious and breathing is weak or stops breathing, finished the treatment, to conduct artificial respiration. Drowning person can sit for the ambulance in the side with one hand pinch the female's nose, another Satisfy his jaw, and breath, and then mouth opposite the female's mouth blown into the air. After blowing finished in one breath left female's mouth, pinch the nose at the same time release the hand, and pressed his hand look at female's chest to help him breath. Such a pattern is repeated 14-20 times per minute to do, at the beginning may be slower, may be appropriate to speed up the future.
icey12272010-01-28 14:10:36 +0000 #4
First of all, do not worry, in the absence of suspended solids look around .. with the following methods

learn how to swim, the coaches will teach you to give up style. With the same name, that is, lying back, do not worry,

do not be afraid, because it is buoyant, the more you struggle, the more because of exhaustion and drowning,

so to give up themselves, the buoyancy of water to protect you, do not believe next time you are swimming pools, relax lay back and see if that floats do not float .. and then backstroke, and immediately leave the water to the shore;

teach you two strokes when the cramp self-protection. .

Occurs cramp, we should remain calm, if necessary, may call for help or self-liberation, liberation should be the use of "reverse principle" to the site of cramps stretching and relaxation in the opposite direction. For the next several common cramps you recommend for self-rescue:

△ finger cramps. Can be a finger into a fist grip, and then forced open, so do several times in quick succession, until the cramps cleared.

△ hand cramps. With a palm to the palm of your hand cramps forced downward pressure, and do flutter action, until the cramps eliminated.

△ arm cramps. Hand make a fist, and try to elbow, and then forced straight, repeatedly, until freed up.

△ feet or toe cramps. Yang-floating in the first breath, with the hand holding the opposite leg cramps leg cramps toes, and pulled in the direction of the body force, while pressure in the ipsilateral hand cramps leg's knee to help the leg straight, so to eliminate cramps.

△ thigh cramps. The first breath, sit in the water, bending the leg cramps, so at right angles with the upper body and then, clinging with both hands so that it attached to the thigh on the leg and add flutter action, then straight forward.
Isao A2010-01-28 14:49:55 +0000 #5
feet hit land useless, and only relaxed, not tense, pay attention to not let the name of choking the waves, and slowly back and visit it, the rational use of physical strength from his days alone, the rest of the.



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