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Swimming and Diving [start] problem?

lcl5659111172010-01-28 15:01:50 +0000 #1
I am currently traveling freestyle and breaststroke were quite good - but do not know how to stand on platform diving --- --- afraid to jump off was also shoot your body and face - very painful - and I hope to teach me how diving + Gao Ren not afraid of diving + does not beat the body [face] thank you - watched ``(*^__^*) -
crime2222010-01-28 15:04:02 +0000 #2
Your problem is psychological, you need to overcome the fear of feeling.

can step by step, can start pool started, I mean to find a balanced pool water and pool swimming pools, from the side of the pool started:

squatted beside the pool, to imagine that they can, like a bullet fired out of the same, with head water, and then the body penetrate into the water: feet slightly afterburner, upper body down so that they are in accordance with the head, shoulders, torso, legs and feet into the water in the order.

multiple exercises until you let someone else take a look, make sure you order in accordance with the above completed, then go to the next step.

leg squat, not take-off, in accordance with the order of the above exercises into the water, the next step after skilled movements:

leg squat, take-off, in accordance with the order of the above exercises into the water, pay attention, because with take-off action, so we must pay attention moment to open the upper body into the water leg, if necessary, with the strength of waist and hips, will pull back leg, this movement has largely close to normal diving, need to talk with many hours of practice, or come to naught! skilled movements after the next step:

leg squat, full take-off, in accordance with the order of the above exercises into the water. In the previous step you can fully grasp the action, you should be able to carry out diving, but may be bad leg movements, bending is a common error. this time you need to be upgraded, be able to do leaps, abdomen, and then press the head and chest, open the legs, so the body's movements will become a javelin, launched into the water straight.

came here, congratulations you have a very good diving, but want to be a master, as well as the final step:

platform diving, there is nothing to be said, but on the fine-tuning the action step, how to do do not shoot thorax and abdomen / legs, as well as goggles can not be affected.

Well, you can enjoy diving in!

if you have questions you can ask me.
superstar32182010-01-28 15:38:47 +0000 #3
main elements of the level of the starting tread out, not up, because you will not trigger the body center of gravity in general lower limbs, if the upward, then jump directly into the water, so the stomach will throw the hurt, the solution, etc. The easiest way is to go after. Hip slightly cocked, bar center of gravity down to the upper years, this problem solved



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