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Winter wear slippers, cotton slippers and cold feet will be why the stink?

All嘞2010-01-28 16:01:40 +0000 #1
However, no one will not be torn off and the smell of. Why? Usually take a long time will not be stinky shoes. And wearing shoes and had just come off the Nennen feet. Will be put on a slipper feet become very dry. Meng Diaopi. . There are signs of cracking.
lhs261222010-01-28 16:08:46 +0000 #2
legendary Khan feet, Meng sweating feet,

because the body of toxins will be excreted with the sweat secretion, if not removed within the foot and footwear sweat, it will breed bacteria , easy to suffer from foot odor, athlete's foot, feet itch and skin, etc.

wear flip-flops, exposed bare feet, the surface evaporation of the fast on the water supply is not, then Meng Diaopi. . There are signs of cracking, and to consult a doctor the next bar
yanpey1112010-01-28 16:31:46 +0000 #3
to see a doctor it, this phenomenon do not feel normal. .
joey61992010-01-28 16:38:50 +0000 #4
because of the different shoes, one foot hot flashes, and a foot frosty, resulting in venous disorders endocrine disorders, it is just foot odor should have been more lucky.



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