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Writing swimming brought me joy

Xianduruila 1232010-04-11 03:10:49 +0000 #1
500 words -600 Ji Jiji Jiji Ji Ji Jiji Jiji Ji Ji Jiji words Jiji Ji urgent
exotic Hai Nan Ji distress2010-04-11 03:15:03 +0000 #2
summer vacation , my mother took me to learn to swim.

Went to a swimming pool, the first study "suffocating" the beginning I was scared. Drilled to the water not the first fate. Coach said: "Never, in the eyes under the water, you will see beautiful things." I thought to myself: beautiful things? I find it very strange curiosity, I carefully head "bubble" into the water. I clearly see the beautiful people swimming, so I am envious. I just came up again, the coach asked: "not terrible, right?" I nodded.

Learned to feel suffocated, and soon I learned to "pedal", "float."

I think ventilation is the most difficult stage, the coach said: "The ventilation, the foot should be straight, feet close together and can not tread. Hand cut open, breath, and then continue to swim." But I always plan Heel kick when the hand, you can not swim. Because of this, the coach yelled at me do not know how many times, do not know how much saliva to drink. After three days, I finally learned how to breath, when coach told me that I can go swim in the water area, I was very happy. But when I saw the depth of 1.6 meters of water area, the unable to help fight a cold war. My goodness! I have a few centimeters higher than good, awful! I can afford to sit on the diving rod, not water. Coach asked: "how?" I pushed, said: "I will not dive!" Coach snorted one pushed me down. I understand that my coach has been seen through the trick. Into the water I am free to travel again. Tread water in my school, we also slower than others. Mom said, my coordination is not good, I thought to myself, that I practice very much!

My biggest harvest this summer is to learn to swim!



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