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Swimming to menstrual how do

Purple Violet Lan2010-04-11 23:10:38 +0000 #1
I want to swim to participate in an important game (can not participate), can come to menstruation, and volume of many, how do the water will not see it, do not recommend I use OB, the talents of 16-year-old
maggieler2010-04-11 23:25:29 +0000 #2
with OB right, because I am also training to swim, I'm 16 years old to race, there is no way it also used the OB, in fact, I feel good, for the first time will certainly be some not used to, but with the OB very good, very clean and health, it will stop a lot of bacteria, I use Johnson & Johnson, which divided three models, one is quantity-based, a general type, there is less of a type first used to buy less based on OK, and if you afraid of the pain points to smear ointment on it, can be coated more points will not affect the eye ointment, apply some more if you will not feel pain, in fact, OB is the best and most convenient, even if you do this, the next will inevitably encounter such a situation, if you are worried about hymen broken, then nothing to worry about, because even if you do not have OB, you are in the process of training is the use of volume large, you can easily break the hymen!

If you want to take medicine, then a week in advance to eat, that period will be delayed, but the medication would affect more or less, the body is not all good, I suggest you not take medicine, your body The most important ah!

If you are not enough, it can only do nothing, and to the game not to do when the preparatory activities, such as when you roll in to the swimsuit for a good, go directly rushed on up, we have a team that is so original , but if you travel long distances, there is no other way, like the 400,800 best not to use this method, after all that time you will think of it, there is no energy to sprint, can not swim too fast!

So I suggest you use OB, if someone used your side, you can call them to help you get, they will experience more, you do not make you nervous that time, I wish you good results match!
Li1984dan2010-04-11 23:32:44 +0000 #3
no other way, and 16 years of age can also use the sliver ah
mar rain color2010-04-11 23:31:58 +0000 #4
temporary use what. Waterproofing Bondi. Note only temporary.
Oo53532010-04-11 23:51:35 +0000 #5
Do not menstrual period and after 4 days of swimming. Although the swimming pool water because the cycle of disinfection, but the water was not completely sterile. Although the role of women in the vagina itself is self-purification and natural defense function, but before and after menstruation, female resistance is relatively weaker, more vulnerable to bacterial violations. At the same time as the pool water temperature and less than body temperature, stimulating blood vessel contraction, this contraction of small blood vessels delayed menstruation will easily lead to irregular menstruation. The contraction of the cervix after menstruation is not complete, to the dirty waters of swimming, water containing pathogenic microorganisms can enter the vagina, uterus and fallopian tubes and other reproductive organs, more likely to cause bacterial vaginitis, salpingitis, and other gynecological diseases.
♀ Love Ni の ぬ2010-04-12 00:23:50 +0000 #6
can go and buy the medicine delayed menstruation, and many World Championships, Olympic swimmers have adopted this approach.

PS: menstrual water is not very good, easy to infection. (Although a special case)
Xiangxi Huadian Nan2010-04-12 00:57:31 +0000 #7
The easiest way to taking the pill,
l4615067542010-04-12 02:34:31 +0000 #8
shimile2010-04-12 00:53:08 +0000 #9
can not swim
learn to cherish the last2010-04-12 02:20:11 +0000 #10
eat Marvelon, or Yu-Ting



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