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How can children's swimming areas, Fengtai District,

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water power kids club2010-04-16 03:12:11 +0000 #2
Beijing hydrodynamic club is dedicated to children 0-6 years old baby swimming areas, more than 6 months of the baby pool in which children swim constant temperature of 35 degrees Celsius, the waters wide, can accommodate more than children, while playing in the water, which make up a small pool of poor interaction between the defects, but also to children over 6 months to achieve the purpose of the exercise, while the development of emotional intelligence of children with good promoted.

Swimming is the best form of exercise baby swimming + free bath

free of charge: swimming laps, towels, toiletries. There is a free indoor play area.

Address: Fengtai fanjia 6 Village Court Building A 4 (southwest Third Ring Road near Willow Bridge Sanhuanxincheng Wannian Flower)

Tel: 83293908



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