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Children's swimming will now force all the water which offers activities?

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club hydrodynamic children aged 0-6 years in Beijing specializes in baby swimming areas. 8 months following the baby there are many places to swim for more than 8 months, but parents will find a small baby pool can not meet the requirements of baby swimming, and we provide a professional children's pool club allows for more than 8 months baby inside swim, the water temperature constant at 35 degrees Celsius, the waters wide, can accommodate many children while playing in the water, a swimming pool that is up for shortcomings with poor interaction, also caused 8-month-old Yi Shang children met the exercise of the purposes and a pair of children's emotional intelligence has Fazhan Promotion of good.

Big swimming Why can not kids go? Change the water a long time well known large swimming pool, use of various drugs, clean water sterilization, but the delicate skin Since a child can not be cleaned using a variety of drugs, so we use the imported equipment to water treatment, swimming pools where the water is clear, can reach the drinking water standard, the water temperature to maintain constant temperature, parents can enjoy the swimming baby, do not worry about a large pool of various injuries have on their children.

Swimming + free bath

free: swimming laps, towels, toiletries. There is a free indoor play area

Address: Fengtai District, Beijing Feng Ze Park Village A Community fanjia Court No. 4, Building 6 (Sanhuanxincheng, Wannian Flower nearby)

Tel: 83293908

the new year came, the water Power club's new 258 children / 6 experience card, and enjoy the happiness in the big pool, your baby fall in love with swimming, healthy growth.



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