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A bag of salt water2010-04-21 06:11:29 +0000 #1
14-year-old woman, a few days ago after swimming 2 consecutive sleep for three days, I doubt that I swam the overload, and had to swim in Sham Shui Po has come back at night my mind confused.

Yesterday, I did not dare to swim in shallow water and deep water only, but they almost sleepless sleep, how is this going?

There are now swimming in winter, will allow the uterus by cold dysmenorrhea what ah?
from a place2010-04-21 06:21:48 +0000 #2
vigorous exercise stimulation of vagus nerve, leading to emotional excitement or even insomnia. You usually have regular exercise habits? If not, I suggest you within our capabilities, step by step, so the body adapted to increase physical activity.

Winter swimming in time added after the hot drinks (milk, soy milk and the like), improve physical energy.

In addition, the girls the best choice for warm winter swimming pool, outdoor pool water temperature lower, although not necessarily a direct result of women's Palace cold dysmenorrhea occurs, but the body is a great challenge and courage. Also, the water warm-up is very important.
Gold Gold 19952010-04-21 06:50:32 +0000 #3

(1) Psychological treatment: ① general psychotherapy. By interpreting, guiding, so that patients understand the basic knowledge about sleep, reduce unnecessary anticipatory anxiety. ② behavior therapy. To relaxation training, patients with sleep before church, to speed up the speed to fall asleep, to reduce anxiety.

(2) drug treatment: ① benzodiazepine class. ② antidepressants. Such as mianserin, amitriptyline, doxepin, maprotiline and so on. Clinical studies have shown that comprehensive treatment using Western and Chinese medicine, such as the use of antipsychotic medicine and traditional Chinese medicine preparation for the treatment, can get quick, good effect.

(3) physical therapy: ① transcranial micro-current stimulation (Cranial electrotherapy stimulation, referred to as CES). ② alpha-stim scs

(4) Other: ① biofeedback. Enhance the self-relaxation training, and effective in alleviating anxiety. ② physical exercise. Appropriate physical exercise, physical fitness, increase body fatigue, sleep benefit, but the exercise should not be too large, too tired but sleep. ③ lifestyle modification, such as the cancellation or reduction of a nap, to develop the habit of sleeping on time.

Traditional Chinese medicine effective therapy for treating insomnia:

drugs (hot) iron therapy: a drug (such as medicine bag, medicine cake, cream and wine) by heating specific parts of the body surface after the place, promote Cou Li loose, meridians reconcile, blood smooth, and more for the cold and dampness, blood stasis, cold treatment of a syndrome outside the treatment.

Application Therapy: drug transfer into a paste, spreads in specific parts of the body surface to control the disease. Commonly used in headache, vomiting diarrhea, spontaneous sweating, rectal prolapse, vertigo, facial paralysis, rheumatism diseases, ringworm rash, sores, carbuncles, contusion, oral ulcers, burns and so on.

Umbilical Compress Therapy: The place of drug deposited eye or umbilical cord, commonly used in dizziness, sweating, constipation, urine retention, nocturnal emission, impotence, Yin Ting, dysmenorrhea and other disorders of one kind of external treatment.

Washing therapy: use of hot steam fumigation of drug decoction in the affected area with warm liquid leaching local external treatment. Commonly used in cold cold Fengshibitong, eczema, ringworm scabies, Anal, Yin Yang, eye diseases, injuries and other illnesses.

Insomnia therapy clinical practice shows that many patients with insomnia because of work goes wrong, the pressure of learning, family tensions, economic burden, love, frustration, interpersonal conflicts, post-retirement life is monotonous, spiritual emptiness and other reasons result. While on the psychological factors of insomnia, drug and other therapies is only a symptomatic treatment, a complementary measure, only psychotherapy to better solve the problem. Insomnia is a symptom caused by many reasons, may be associated with somatic symptoms of the disease, may also be because of bad living habits, environmental factors may also be a psychological factor. From a clinical point of view, the physiological factors, disease factors, drug factors and dietary factors in the number of cases of those psychological factors much less than the number of cases of disease. In many cases, insomnia is often the origin and maintenance of psychological factors. Bring psychological conflicts such as life events, psychological conflict caused by emotional stress, emotional stress leading to elevated levels of physiological vigilance, which occurred insomnia. If the stimulus persistence, or the party can not psychologically to adapt effectively, then the persistent insomnia may continue.
Zouxian98765432010-04-21 07:17:09 +0000 #4
consume too much fat, there is no time to add. Swimming should be enough to eat, and take plenty of snacks consumed nutritional supplement. Makes the brain blood flow smooth. Brain, will not be over-excited. Beneficial life-saving swim very well.



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