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What are the benefits of winter swimming

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Winter swimming is a cold bath, air bath with the sun in one of the "three-bath" is the most popular winter swimming fitness approach.

"Three bath" the benefits have been well known, especially in the current "civilized" disease prevalence, the rivers and lakes rich in minerals and trace elements in the air of negative oxygen ions, sunbathing in the UV on fitness, oxygen supply, prevention and treatment of osteoporosis and so very useful degree of cold tolerance in winter than in other sports a strong onshore.

1, to participate in winter swimming generally benefit people. To improve the quality of life through the winter swimming, eating incense, sleep good, energetic, contemplation agile, very few colds, but also less risk of other diseases.

2, illnesses and anti-aging, high blood pressure have a certain regulatory role; in a certain range to reduce high blood fat and high cholesterol. Winter Swimming can enhance the ability to adapt to cold stimulation, winter swimming can improve the body's resistance, winter swimming retard the aging process.

3, winter swimming, like gymnastics, like blood vessels, increase blood vessel flexibility, speed up the flow velocity can be reduced with the sprint deposition of fat in the blood vessel wall particles and cholesterol, reduce delays arteriosclerosis, prevention of thrombus formation and coronary infarction.

4, can improve heart and lung function. Winter Swimming myocardial contractility and enhanced blood circulation to accelerate and promote the body system functions, to a better person.

5, can enhance their immunity, immunity is the body of invading pathogens prevention and resistance. Winter swimming, after swimming a number of indicators such as human lymphocytes, white blood cells, phagocytes, immune globulin, etc. than before the significant increase in winter swimming.

6, winter swimming can promote endocrine role. In an interview with the human body after the strong cold stimulus through the nervous system immediately reflected in the pituitary, adrenal gland, pancreas, gonads and other glands, the glands will secrete the corresponding hormone, the so-called neurohumoral. And through the nerve center of the corresponding adjustment of the corresponding organ physiological functions, create a new balance. It stands to reason, the glandular secretion of growth should diminish with age, but have been tested to prove: Winter Swimming's thyroid hormone secretion increased. Testosterone levels also increased.

7, winter swimming can delay the nervous system, especially in the central nervous recession.

8, winter swimming to enhance digestive function. As the consumption of too much heat, so the ability to enhance digestion, therefore, loss of appetite greatly increased, systemic metabolic function generally improved.

In addition, through the winter swimming exercise was generally felt that psychological satisfaction. After stimulation by strong cold pleased generated a sense of winter swimming continued this psychological and spiritual charge physiological functions of various systems of the body will have a positive impact. In this way, physically and mentally at a high level of balance, resulting in a good cycle. It is not difficult to understand why those who Zizhaokuchi winter swimming, but for years or even life-adhere to winter swimming has.

Everything has two sides to serve as a very special training activities, winter swimming is no exception. Correct winter swimming, science and winter swimming in order to make the exercise to Most Effective.

First of all the conditions for winter swimming is: physically suitable for winter swimming - no heart disease, epilepsy and other serious illness; swimming water, they could grasp the natural breathing and swimming techniques, can naturally swim in the water for more than 20 minutes.


1, from autumn to winter, do not swim continuously interrupted, there must be a gradual process of adaptation to winter swimming exercise so as not to endanger the body.

2, Winter Swimming time of day choice: The best time of the afternoon, and then the morning is also very good, but when you want to get out of bed the morning after the winter swimming exercise for half an hour later for winter swimming. Fog, wind days, thunderstorm days, not winter swimming.

3, should be placed on preparatory activities, into the water before the muscle activity necessary to open, and then changing to adapt to the cold temperatures, to let the body cool down to about 5 minutes, and then into the water.

4, in the water swimming: According to the "National Winter Swimming communication" recorded in the activities of the general experience of winter swimming, the water temperature below 14 degrees for winter swimming, and can be swimming 14 minutes after the lower water temperature for every 1 degree reduction in the corresponding synchronization time for winter swimming 1 minute, that is, to a degree, when the water temperature of about winter swimming is only about 1 minute. Want to put yourself in the water made no impression on the 2nd cold on the water, the water was visibly shaking as the phenomenon of no, 10 minutes after return to normal body temperature for swimming in the water time control principles. This is critical! ! ! !

5, finishing activities: water immediately after the dry water, warm clothing, and then make the appropriate motion to enable the body temperature returned to normal.

6, Winter Swimming ago not to drink, do not Kaohuo winter swimming after heating.

As long as adhere to the above principles, the benefits of winter swimming gives absolutely make you benefit from the infinite.

Eventually would like to emphasize Winter Swimming in: Do not trying to flaunt, Yoshikatsu, do not blindly comparisons travel time. He tours a long time, I'll swim longer and finally surged out of order can not be recovered! Have serious consequences! ! ! ! ! Many people are eating this loss and can no longer persist in this activity, and even cause great harm to the body.
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Winter Swimming can stimulate the body's organs, the promotion of human blood circulation to the body effect of physical keys. But this should be person-specific, in the health of Chinese medicine school in the winter is the main collection, not to do such a campaign as winter swimming.
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I want to pour cold water on an article reposted elsewhere, will reflect on her own:

Winter swimming is not suitable for everyone

2009-11-30 Nanfang Dushi Bao

Winter swimming is not everyone are suitable for the current "swing" of the Winter Swimming Chao, a lot of traditional Chinese medicine, sports medicine experts are worried.

They pointed out that Chun-sheng, summer long, harvest, Tozo Heaven and the laws of nature, the changes in the human body should be synchronized with the heaven and earth,

winter, this should be convergent, closed when the reservoir,

Winter Swimming with the days of this fighting, and to struggle is in violation of nature, such as the improper movement will bring harm to the body.

Can winter swimming, depending on your fitness.

Winter swimming enthusiasts are flex its muscles

sudden cold air to make evergreen Guangzhou finally breath of winter, cold a lot of people are willing to stay warm indoors at home. However, for winter swimming enthusiasts, the arrival of winter is the best period of their potentials into full play. Recently, reports have hit the newspapers about winter swimming. Obviously, winter swimming to the vast majority of people the impression that a healthy amount of movement pattern, while the coverage of the Winter Swimming Winter Swimming enthusiasts were also frequently said that physical fitness is a good way to health care, not only exercise, but also exercise personal the will and perseverance. National Swimming Center for Sports Management in 2000, Winter Swimming Committee has decided to January 1 of each year as "National Winter Swimming Day."

Winter Gizo, winter swimming unnatural

However, many Chinese medicine practitioners and sports physicians have expressed concern, Xu Bing (Chinese educator, physical and psychological medical experts, graduated from the Beijing College of Traditional Chinese Medicine Series), told reporters that the winter training 39 Summer training is an old Chinese saying Sanfu, and now most people understand it Weiren should be cold, summer's time to exercise, strengthen their will. Therefore, many people insisted on 39 days to practice long-distance running in the cold, winter swimming out vigorously and sweat. In fact, contrary to this understanding of nature.

Chun-sheng, summer long, harvest, Tozo Heaven and the laws of nature, the changes in the human body should be synchronized with the heaven and earth. "Huang Di Nei Jing" second chapter is called "big four air-God theory." Talked about how it should be nursed back to health along the seasons change to your body. Xu Bing said: "The winter season yang nature, hidden income, the body's yang is also an implicit inward income. But now, everyone should have convergence in winter, closed Tibet, when many people have to go winter swimming. What to say and the days of the Big Dipper , and ground fighting. Some will say that some people live winter swimming kinda long ah. but you just look at it is to eat thief, thieves do not look beaten. you know how many people die because of winter swimming while? Are you also know that How many people get sick after the miserable winter swimming school do? These people do not know, because we only saw on television the winter swimming have said that I did not cold for many years, or after swimming that I am strong. However, these people or not know that your body has long been accustomed to the unnatural harm. "
physically strong enough to do winter swimming

But sports scientists and practitioners who are not blindly reject winter swimming, they think there are evergreen in winter --- pine and cypress, so , the key is to find out whether he is a pine and cypress, strong enough Zaiqu winter swimming. "You either pine and cypress tree, at best, only a cabbage trees, it've got to keep children dressed in padded gown CAREFUL IN THE SUMMER bar. Winter must be closed Tibetan, recharge your batteries, do not easily leak essence, out of sweat, not to go to Winter Swimming because of the winter disease could easily cut into your yin, "Xu Bing said," to understand the seasons and day and night, yin and yang, yin and yang is to let you take your own blood to the organs and meridians, and heaven and earth to be the rhythm and changes in the ah, what is called ', and 'it? It is not too much, the weather was too cold, you Yaogen it' harmonic '--- wearing cotton-padded clothes, and sleep warm kang, do not nipped himself. "

Winter Swimming Swimming is not a pre-self-test questions were were appropriate, the Guangzhou Institute of Physical Education of Sports Medicine Teaching and Research director Liao pointed out that the following eight groups should carefully choose Winter Swimming:

1. has never been cold before the exercise, those who did not cold-water adaptation.

2. Physique is weak, compared with lean persons.

3. There are skin diseases, cold urticaria patients.

4. There are heavy or unstable cardiovascular disease, pulmonary heart disease, diabetes, liver disease, kidney disease, peptic ulcer and other patients.
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eating popsicles convenience
windsky_dn2010-01-31 09:15:33 +0000 #7
strategy to prevent a cold ... ...
Barbara to the Philippines2010-01-31 09:07:16 +0000 #8
game itself is a physical fitness campaign. Winter swimming, then the best is that you can improve the human immune system, increase body resistance.
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enhanced physique



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