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DHS Equipment/Racket Carrim Modaykhan2012-01-16 03:48
hi,I'm Mr Carrim Modaykhan ( regional coach ) from Mauritius. I search shops in Guangzhou/China to
To clean glue on blade ksloh2010-11-02 04:45
how to clean up water based glue on table tennis blade?
Why am I not playing the ball back ah pull the ball? shed 002010-04-24 09:10
? Why did not I have a little effect in practice ah
Table tennis team playing order gogocjj2010-04-23 10:12
school table tennis 7 7 5 2 females to play male liberal arts classes the two sides need to al
Volkswagen began when the International Table Tennis Classic? Out of danger week in and week2010-04-21 11:12
Table Tennis Classic game time is what was it, where and how much money do not know where to buy a t
To ask the price of the table tennis Taoist also Internet2010-04-20 14:12
palio C-1 Floor palio drunk dragon rubber palioCJ8000 plus a table tennis set Eagles coach G
Butterfly 31901 (Chop-type carbon plate) with good rubber Sha Shenzhou 012010-04-19 17:10
Try not to answer "butterfly rubber," too expensive
My current Nanping coach I'm Zhuge dark2010-04-17 18:11
remember modern now
Who Graphic Table Tennis Old Bungee 20122010-04-17 08:11
Table Tennis and diagrams Who? ? I serve well, to see how Ma Lin Guo Yue and so they serve, who are
Poll ZLF carbon plate and the Butterfly Fang which better? Shenzhou 012010-04-15 06:10
Help me a little about a hard, durable rubber butterfly Shenzhou 012010-04-15 06:10
not too expensive
Double Happiness Table Tennis up to a few stars? Silkrug2010-04-14 02:10
Double happiness table tennis with a four-star it?
I ask where the viscous Kunshan, Jiangsu Ping Pong board place? not sweet melon 912010-04-11 09:10
Please tell me the specific address, the more the better, thank you
World Championships this year in which to play Zhao child 12212010-04-10 18:11
China within the team selection and all who got tickets? Thank you.
Table of basic information? Sum √ Next2010-04-08 00:10
I am a young man, nothing special love, time is fond of playing table tennis! But ... ... the base h
Butterfly ARYLATE-CARBON 5-PLYWOOD table tennis what the price floor, how the Internet is not this. Single animal 112010-04-06 17:10
Chinese table tennis star's name huyingcong99092010-04-06 16:12
DHS security check code display is already used up what is meant ying323152010-04-05 15:10
Double Happiness online bought a 6006's beat, in time to enter the security code displayed query sec
Palio 7 layer of pure wood floor and the Galaxy T2 juniper carbon 3 +2 double bottom which is better not sweet melon 912010-04-04 14:11
By the way, with what the rubber? Hope that the package of less than 200 yuan. Thank you
Want to buy a ping-pong floor, I was playing against gum for pure wood or carbon plate, with several Non-sweet melon 912010-04-04 14:11
Table tennis racket on the old rubber and how to expose a clean sponge? In the2010-04-04 12:11
My colleagues asked me to give a finished leather for making rubber and foam, but I tried it, finish
We consult to, bottom of the layers and the thickness of the performance. Qdggll2010-04-02 23:10
Will the Palio and the Palio T3 A2 which to buy the election? not sweet melon 912010-04-02 10:10
By the way what changed with rubber? I usually fast-break forehand, backhand general block shot, usi
Buy to buy Glinka carbon floor better or butterfly king good? Shenzhou 012010-03-30 12:11
By the way tell me where something to sell, Shenzhen, Glinka carbon?
How to distinguish between genuine and false 729-08 chenchensdo2010-03-29 15:11
729-08 of the genuine best to keep rubber pictures made up, I was not in line to buy, so do not reco
Table tennis bats and the rubber on the selection of a few problems! Reversible union Taiwan2010-03-28 03:10
I wish to purchase a table tennis bats, play constantly trying to learn Ryu Seung Min, so want to bu
Buy racket floor is to buy good or Butterfly Ball Butterfly King of carbon plates good Shenzhou 012010-03-27 13:11
Please tell us about table tennis bats and rubber How did you select Yu-lin, 93792010-03-26 02:11
My play is positive - the anti, anti - Health. School ball half the time, strength medium, are in ha
I opened a table tennis hall itself has a certain basis for how to enhance the skills of some of Branch Indian Xiao Li2010-03-24 20:10
the underground arena there are four more than 100 square meters every morning, now there is a group
Seek expert help purchase ping-pong paddle and are being backhand rubber 1234 Teacher Student2010-03-20 07:10
I learn the ball more than two years is also a good game, currently in use backplane Palio KB, Tian
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