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How to with table tennis bats and rubber

Yu-lin, 93792010-02-21 00:11:06 +0000 #1
1. I am a table tennis enthusiasts, suffer for bats and rubber understanding, help master Zhidianmijin!

2. I like to use the backhand of raw rubber in hand with anti-glue method, being willing to take the main loop, the backhand want to use the characteristics of raw rubber to fight, I have the strength of medium can be, footwork in general.

3. Goes speakers: Gu Yu Shan being to must first sharpen his tools! This is what I have to question the purpose of such clinics to save in the shoot and the rubber on the nerve-racking!

Urge action to defend themselves pointing! Thanks!
Sharjah2010-02-21 00:18:21 +0000 #2
Louzhu good

Recommended bottom butterfly Chen Stica cl or Avalox p700

Chen (Chen Jing Sun Jin use) Avalox p700 (Wang Tao to use) are well known for playing particle board

Stica cl is the bottom block of all-round particles are suitable for fast-break arc representative of that many sets of plastic such as Tang Peng Bai


Louzhu backhand raw rubber, then believed to be close to the table-based so we are best to use hand-made

filling rubber adhesive plastic sleeve, then with the Hurricane 370 yuan to non-filling glue, then with 729-08 (80) or 729-2 (40 million)

backhand, there are two options

domestically produced raw rubber rather hard to 729 and Red Double Happiness raw rubber as the representative of China's older generation of athletes using the following

imports more than 50 sets of plastic products to TSP, the most famous is quite soft spectol Wang Tao Chen Tang Peng do not use the price to 200 yuan more expensive in general
1_8li2010-02-21 00:38:03 +0000 #3
Bottom Butterfly King forehand counter-adhesive Hurricane 3 pull-class

backhand loop TSP Wang Tao, raw rubber used in the power of big hit
Wong Lo Pharaoh2010-02-21 00:20:06 +0000 #4
Feedback Louzhu look at this article: How to choose table tennis bat (excellent month net original)
I Ball2010-02-21 01:38:22 +0000 #5



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