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Deng Yaping, the moving story of

Zan naphthalene Zhiyu2010-02-23 09:10:52 +0000 #1
not to profile the life of Deng Yaping, to deeds! ! ! Jiji Ji Ji Jiji urgent! ! ! ! ! !
1000 Wind snow2010-02-23 09:21:41 +0000 #2
is only 1.50 meters tall and stubby hands and feet of Deng Yaping, the material does not seem to play table tennis at age 5 when he started learning to play table tennis because it was too short sub-teams have been in Henan Province excluded, but to enter the Zhengzhou City team. With hard training, she, with rare speed, fearless courage and indomitable fighting spirit of the age of 10, in the national youth groups, and table tennis won the two singles titles, the latter joined the team in Henan Province, 1988 years, was elected to the national team. 13-year-old won the national championship, the age of 15 recognized by the Asian champion, 16-year-old at the world championships to become women's team and the women's doubles champion. In 1992, the 19-year-old Deng Yaping, the Olympic Games in Barcelona also won the women's singles champion, and Qiao Hong in cooperation with the women's doubles titles. In Sweden in 1993, forty-second session of the World Table Tennis Championships, held in cooperation with the team also won the group two doubles gold medal, to be a truly world-Ping Tan Queen.


childhood Deng Yaping, because by the time his father's influence sports coaches, determined to do a good athlete. But her short stature, stubby hands and feet simply do not meet the requirements of sports schools, sports schools the door could not open to her. As a result, young Deng Yaping Xue played table tennis with his father, the father provides her every day after school physical Lian Wan, must also do 100 ball catch the action. Deng Yaping Although only 78 years old, but in order to make their own game is more skilled, more solid basic skills, then in his leg tie of the sandbags, but the wooden replaced Tiepai.

For a child, this is how rare! This will not only make the body much suffering, and my heart should also be under tremendous pressure. Her small, every flash, exhibition, Teng, moved a step, all can be difficult to describe!

Legs swollen! Hand frayed! - This is a common occurrence! But he never complained, not Han Lei!

In charge of training the father, and sometimes pained tears too!

To pay a total return, as Deng Yaping, the persistence, the 10-year-old she won the national junior table tennis groups, and two singles titles.

Athlete period:

into the national team after Deng Yaping is surpassed even its own training tasks, where the provisions of reaches 11 o'clock am, she would give their own extended to 11:45, the afternoon training to 6 pm, she reaches 6:45 or 7:45, closed training requirement reaches 21 o'clock, and she reaches more than 11 points. Deng Yaping, often mistaken for training time, her instant noodles to eat on his own.

In the team practice, when Taiwan's one-sided attack, Deng Yaping is still tied to the legs, sandbags, and the two men sparring the face of sudden right-left-Ben, a play that is 2 hours!

Conducting multi-ball training, coaching ball torrent of call, Deng Yaping, every time your eyes wide open, meticulous catch a pick that is more than 1000.

According to coach Zhang Xielin statistics, Deng Yaping, more than 10,000 a day to play catch.

Each section training sessions down, all drenched in sweat, Deng Yaping, clothing, footwear, and sometimes even the floor will be soaked one and had to change clothes, shoes and socks, and even changing tables in this pool to practice.

A long time engaged in large amount of exercise, high-intensity training, from neck to feet, Deng Yaping, a lot of parts of the body are injured.

To tackle lumbar muscle strain, she had tied the wide Belt, knee fat pad swelling and ankle is almost covered with bone spurs in peacetime had endured, the pain is of interest in respect of an injection closed, foot wear out of Xuepao on Tiaopo it re-coated a layer of gauze and then practice. Even wound infection, sepsis also went out of practice.

Study period:

24-year-old Deng Yaping, Department of Foreign Languages, Tsinghua University report just arrived when the instructor let her finish time of 26 English letters. Was in the eyes of the easiest thing in the world, Deng Yaping, but only after great pains to write them out (did not seem to write the whole).

So Deng Yaping own sleep time compression to a minimum, often studying late into the night before they agree to rest, get up at 5:00 am, almost demanding to learn 14 hours. Sometimes, while walking on the side reading, and even spend the time to eat. More important is the time to play always maintained good visual acuity of 1.5, also retreated 0.6.

Deng Yaping been asking themselves, do their homework and completion of training courses have the same thing today, today is absolutely complete, without any hesitation. Deng Yaping, the spirit of this hard to learn, so that guidance teachers and Senseio are deeply impressed by the width.

February 1998, Deng Yaping went to Cambridge University to study, Deng Yaping language school in Cambridge began studying English in just 3 months time, Deng Yaping adhere to multi-day, 8:00 to rush home from their school. 3:30 p.m. after school, she also went to College Learning Center to learn ix, listening to tapes, practice their own spoken language, until 20:00 learning centers back home after closing.

Back home, Deng Yaping never a waste of time, she insisted, and the landlord used to communicate in English, insist on timely completion of homework assignments and prep.

Finally got her master's degree later, Deng Yaping then left for the University of Cambridge PhD.

A long time writing a fixed position Deng Yaping induced cervical spine disease, the first can not be moved, a movement on the pain of Zuanxin. However, the pain did not conquer Deng Yaping, her teeth, to a fixed position upholding access to information and writing.

Honest story

it was about to graduate at Qinghua Deng Yaping the eve of. One day, she found the language a teacher asked him to help modify the philosophy course summary. This philosophy, summed up the full four or five thousand words, the content is very substantial, both theoretical exposition, but also a philosophical perspective on reality and playing strategy and tactics.

A few days later, the language teacher to turn over to the article. A few days later, the language teacher on campus met her, and Deng Yaping said the one hand, thanks to language teachers at the same time brings a seriously said to him: "I have to sum up the philosophy of the two teachers talking with teachers, clear, one is in my own writing, and the other is to ask the teacher modified the language. "-a philosophy article, please modify the language teacher, and normally can be modified after it as their" original "pay up the . Language teacher will not be asked to Deng Yaping, why not note was the teacher to repent; philosophy of the teacher even if she will not challenge others to modified. All seemed so natural. However, Deng Yaping goes as far as the two articles together before and after modification to the teacher of philosophy, but also accurately describes the request did modify the language teacher. This is the honest Deng Yaping, which is Deng Yaping's honesty!

Only such an honest, will have her career, her glory, her personality. Just think, in the school who is not honest, how can he got into, "Deng Yaping"?



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