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Need for different weights and Qiujiao Nice, soft-bottom carbon-related properties

Extreme Travel2010-02-25 02:11:09 +0000 #1
I have been a little on the bottom floor requested that the recently discovered to be replaced by new enthusiasts are pursuing a lot of equipment, the weight of such board to hear what I have 88 grams of red and black ah 90 grams Nice ah like 晕晕 made me very confused in the end what is the bottom of the Need for the weight of it, what impact does this I bought a nice soft carbon Wang said, not well-off weight of about 83 grams or so is this the standard weight of the racket Need the number of how much weight is not very pursuit of these although I still want to know the other I was eating fancy Nice soft carbon ball and broke up has effectively bought the advice that it was more of the advantages and disadvantages (those who do not want to copy I read a lot of the best anyone has practical experience) I am a good girl is in hand to pull backhand attack can still only block shot, and occasionally have to pull up rubbing without chopping of small basic advice to improve the relatively weak approach to Thank
Shepherd Boys star2010-02-25 02:23:41 +0000 #2
For those of us who play, there are Who Need to know the true weight of how much?

1. weight or not to re-both mean individualized! Some people have feelings of heavy board, and some people like light board, therefore, did not you say that.

2. What is the weight of the film more in line with the various factors that made power requirements, etc., but only the manufacturers who specialized in data measurement, that is, the R & D personnel who beat most clearly, and these people do not have the expertise of the analysis does not come out, and these are commercial secrets, they will not open to the public of those. Therefore, only playing out their own experiences.

The following assessment of your doing the shoot: You have people that I have only been making sense, I have no money to buy less expensive shoot. you shoot that in the 85g weight is generally from top to bottom, so you have that weight is normal. Carbon King is one of the most prominent advantage of the bite can be very stable to the ball, when you hair is just right edge, the carbon film will play out the other making it difficult to achieve power. Therefore, the forehand loop is its highlight. In close to the table and Yuan-tai, it has a pretty good jump 2 jump, if you are close to the table pull-loop, then this film is very suitable for you. Can build a good rotation, which is characteristic of carbon plate, but the speed was reportedly not up to much.

Fight carbon film must learn to pull the ball to attack, not always to deal with sets of small ball, or simply the outbreak of the power of your racket not come out, it's the pity your good photos. Carbon film on a deformation, only you go to come up with pulled hair deformation force attack, you will highlight the value of the beat.

Chopping hand, if you want to control is good, in general this is a man used to shoot large, thick hand powerful, do not know your hands are not transferred modulated come.

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