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Pen in order to table tennis rubber floor + a reasonable allocation, thank you!

Wood in the2010-03-20 00:10:55 +0000 #1
I am a amateur, straight close to the table fast break

the original beat is the Palio is plastic floor + 729-802 + forehand backhand counter-adhesive cj8000 ( backhand rarely use), beat the floor is broken, and you want to replace the forehand rubber.

Heard that plastic should be banned now, and the future will not reproduction. I do not know insist on being anti-adhesive, or for pairs.

Please give a reasonable proposal, the price between 200-300, not too high.
San Marco EX2010-03-20 00:19:13 +0000 #2
Louzhu Hello.

Now, although you rarely see a positive plastic professional team player, but the particles can be sure that all plastic (except long long plastic) are not banned. Pen is being created fast-break plastic Guoping heyday, and now this play may seem backward, but the most important thing is I was playing happy is not it?

Lou Zhu is a traditional Chinese-style straight fast-break style of play, compared with five wood, the wood is better placed to play seven (here temporarily recommended carbon plates, carbon panels are plastic with a little mix of discord, personal feeling quite the banner comfortable). Recommendation 7 The main reason is to support the wood strength, but weaker than the carbon plates stronger than the 5 wood, fast to eat the ball deep, emphasizing a speed.

Personal Recommendation hands beat Liu Guoliang, Stica of CL (CL there are several versions, which refers to original), it is more prominent in the seven wooden floor. First, it has strong support as the 7 wood strength and speed, followed by the end of it has a very good King, and loop processing capacity, which is amazing. Online price of around 280, possibly more than Louzhu requirements, but to believe that a sub a sub-price goods, making smoothly most important.

Chinese-made, then I personally think that the most cost-effective wood in the DHS 7. Double Happiness earlier H-series, H-LN (Nan) and the H-QZ (Qin Zhi) is a typical seven-wood, H-QZ rigid slightly stronger than the H-LN, the speed is also faster, block shot sound, attack the ball sharp is fast straight arc of a good choice players. H-LN is power and speed of the small on the 1st of the H-QZ. Price of around 200.

Sets of the configuration of rubber on the forehand remain as no problem. Backhand to recommend appropriate weight loss, anyway, the basic backhand do not, posted a 729 Tianyi such as light sets of plastic.

Hope you are satisfied.
saiyuki20092010-03-20 00:47:13 +0000 #3
Galaxy T-6 floor near the table fast attack

is in hand with Hurricane 729-2


backhand with my race v online search price, a set of about 250 bar down
flyfox99892010-03-20 00:36:15 +0000 #4
General himself to play on the buys them on intuition you can

as you said, you are working on being anti-adhesive glue backhand and then a little bit similar to Liu Guoliang. Comparison of sinking the ball is rubber, suitable for fast-break, but not suitable for loop. Anti-adhesive is suitable for loop play. If you do not intend to change the style of play, insist on fast-break, you can keep the original unchanged. I suggest you go to buy sporting goods store or Butterfly DHS can get that bad



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