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I opened a table tennis hall itself has a certain basis for how to enhance the skills of some of

Branch Indian Xiao Li2010-03-24 20:10:34 +0000 #1
the underground arena there are four more than 100 square meters every morning, now there is a group of people at night there is a group of people no one in the afternoon how can I be done professional team came from a business mind, or worse, but for a bit

address Beiyuan Tongzhou district of south India 300 Mikko
Extreme Travel2010-03-24 20:27:12 +0000 #2
can ask some coaches, or get hold of what students are admitted Lianqiu Bar Invitational If the local good, a Shi Shi Chuan Chuan Association 100 fire up
copy_chao2010-03-24 20:28:28 +0000 #3
build membership, afternoon sessions offer the appropriate free talk!
Original name of a network2010-03-24 20:40:39 +0000 #4
can then request a coach or themselves, to open classes, training time for afternoon
sunli00112010-03-24 21:32:35 +0000 #5
Tongzhou, a bit far, I will have time to play, the better to put forward a league, to increase awareness, outdoor advertising to do eye-catching. Some people passing by can see at least a good environment that will better health, upstairs said membership also good, since you came from then you are a professional customer Yaogen frequently come to a good relationship, often pointing what, in fact, there are many ways, Arena to be raised, it can not happen overnight, we must make great efforts in peacetime, as long as the intentions of your arena will become increasingly fire.

Want to help to you, thank you!



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