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Buy racket floor is to buy good or Butterfly Ball Butterfly King of carbon plates good

Shenzhou 012010-03-27 13:11:24 +0000 #1

Sander brutality2010-03-27 13:17:03 +0000 #2
This must look at two new features:

1, the Butterfly King, light Butterfly King Pen is easy to control and the development of great importance. Lightweight and easy to control the design, combined with the advantages of good Gongshoupingheng is a combination of loop-type fast-break play the top racket.

2, Bohr, is a both offensive and defensive boards, high flexibility and a unique sense of play, and carrying a Arylate.Carbon, with a sharp attack power, and stable control performance, is a both offensive and defensive racket, so that its own high popularity.

By contrast, Bohr, suitable to the European style of play, the Butterfly King is more suitable for Asian style of play, the play for the average Chinese to control the power of multiple small, easy to use Wang or the butterfly. However, if Louzhu are enthusiasts, playing like the violence, and that was with the Bohr bar.



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