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There are several table tennis rubber / and what the different characteristics of each rubber

street artists2010-01-16 00:27:10 +0000 #1
hope that the professional completed before New Year's Day 1:00
chnzongzi2010-01-16 00:30:30 +0000 #2
(1) are plastic. Positive Photoresist is a rubber particles upward, height and diameter equal to the rubber. This is the player most traditional ones. Over the past Zhuang Zedong, Li Furong, Jiang Jialiang, Xie Seik and some other groups have adopted the World Championship being clumsy plastic sea-swept, 26 sessions of the Atlanta Olympic champion Liu Guoliang was also shot with the sponge rubber is repulsed from different clubs. It is characterized by good elasticity, hit the ball solid and fast, suitable for close to the table fast break type of player to use. Rubber sponge bat is not easy to eat a variety of spin, it is not easy to manufacture due to the strong viscosity of small rotation, so we are pulling plastic bat while not a powerful loop drive, but in dealing with Taiwan within the spinning ball and the forehand smash aspects of it can be big advantage. Liu Guoliang of the First World War Rocko Kempff most telling. Liu Guoliang ball Stalemate clearly at a disadvantage, but placed within a short time in Taiwan, Liu Guoliang, always one step sights on the first opponent to win the initiative, but also because of the rubber ball is very fast, usually a plate can be killed to avoid the formation of a stalemate. If you feel flexible and wrist movements, and large enough strength of arm and waist, then the best option for winning is speed rubber racket.

(B) of the raw rubber. Raw rubber is the particle up, diameter greater than the height of the rubber. Its characteristics are batting a sink, chopping rotation is weak, close to the table for players to use. We are familiar with Wang Tao, and his backhand is the use of raw rubber, raw rubber and decreases due to the role of transfer, it is particularly easy to control the ball. Call Taiwan in particular, the short backhand the ball is handy, so as Chen Jing, Geng Lijuan and so the play with the backhand of raw rubber in order to put short-term to seek the initiative, while saving strength. Wang Tao's backhand bomb hit the world today has become a must, and South Korea in order to Xuan Jing and Park on behalf of a group of love throughout the female athletes to play with Pen raw rubber is unique, fast, and the first to get started a greater threat.

(3) anti-adhesive. Anti-adhesive is paste down, sticky up the larger smooth as a rubber, which is now the most common racket, almost 100 players in Europe have adopted such a rubber, the Asian players are also nearly 80% used. Anti-spin rubber playing exceptionally strong, so play with the rotation of players (eg, loop the ball, chopping) will come to know this either. Jan-Ove Waldner, Jorgen Persson, Seve, Ma Cultural Revolution loop combination of fast-break style of play, covered pavilion, Wang Tao, Kong Linghui and other fast-break style of play with the players loop entirely of anti-adhesive. Of course, anti-spin rubber easy to manufacture, but also easy to transfer children to eat, get hold of a certain difficulty.

(D) of the anti-arc rubber. Defensive technologies generally chop mainly belong to rotary-type play and therefore I shake-hands grip chopper is on more than anti-plastic-based, the backhand is to spend many Xiang. Like Ding Song, his backhand is to use glue, cut out the ball between the switch and not switch between, but with the ball spin strength has changed and Ling Duishou judgments often mistakes. The Chen Xinhua backhand long glue is applied, which is a particle up, a diameter less than a high level of rubber, rotation changes quite large, the other pulled up the ball more forward, cutting back will turn, and the ball goes down, they do not easy to Leverage hair strength. Offensive and defensive players are also often used foam backhand shot to make up for deficiencies in their, like Cai Zhenhua, his backhand shot to use defensive sponge, similar to anti-adhesive and non-viscous, hitting power weakened, sinking erratic, Ling Duishou difficult to routinely determine of arc Markup ball is particularly effective and therefore I have been called the "anti-loop-type rubber." For starters, generally your most admired athlete beginner racket as his model, and with the skills to stay on top, with a corresponding change in its own characteristics. This is a common method of choice racket

(5) long plastic: Generally speaking, a high degree of more than 1.5 millimeters or more of the rubber as long glue. The particles of this rubber is very soft, elongated particles, support a small force. The ability to proactively create rotating poor rely mainly on the ball to cushion the impact of strong rotation or large to increase the degree of ball spin back.



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