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Shake-hands grip, or play table tennis, how access side spin

Wizard mythology2010-01-31 22:01:57 +0000 #1
a video like that
Liu Benjamin2010-01-31 22:09:58 +0000 #2

Then, if the general is right, or pull Pressure shot block shot!
Let's workers and peasants have the power2010-01-31 22:40:09 +0000 #3
In theory, then, is the preferred hand position counter-belt, the second best anti-shaving, the final twist long. Backhand side screw bit, tearing, rubbing length.

As the horizontal plate in Cosco Taiwan power reasons, in That I look at only in terms of the desks.

General opponent side spin, especially against the backspin is easy to take the ball high, more convenient to use attack techniques, so the preferred counter-attack techniques. anti-anti-shaving units within the zone and point of pulling the ball better, The only difference is that anti-band is more speed, lower, but the easy access to a stalemate.

instead of having to shave a side spin is very sick, but also because it is pulling large angle, so the other side to pull through, if not on the edge, but if the opponent hard fight, because of arc, it is easier branded after Board may wish to enter the path of a wild distortion.

twist length is safer, and just want to experience, in theory, nothing to say that many would know how to rub a few will not rub errors (direct introduction of relatively more common)

backhand-bit words Paowei is the key, cross-board units that require a certain Paowei skills, the pace of one foot is especially important, as long as learning this, basically all of Africa and Taiwan side are not introduced SIDE spin the ball can be received. but the key is twisted and torn hair strength and hair force direction in the beginning just when the school is always good ... ... always be careful to grasp, but the fact, as long as a reasonable shot (the last shot a little pressure out of the ball), and determine the line, there will be no fundamental mistakes of the

talk about a simple ... ... I'd probably will not, so backhand position can not adopt my technical argument ... ...

I feel like I missed the meaning of the ... ... you say how come up with side spin?

it is very simple, side-spin to the next idea to bat in the bottom of the lateral friction, and intends to send the ball ( to send the ball hard)

side, then on the spin of continuous use is not recommended, and only in Taiwan, in surprise and pull out of the quagmire of the time (ready to burst when the) the use, the key is in the ball side friction, and send the ball straight as far as possible, otherwise the ball down Taiwan inertia may affect the results (of course, a matter of fact even if the line does not Shui Po, side spin on the other side there are still anti-pull effect)
I Ball2010-01-31 22:50:57 +0000 #4
simply say that

received side spin is generally used to push aside technical.

Fight side spin to put up the racket



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