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Help me with a ping-pong paddle

carry the hoe's life2010-02-02 08:01:59 +0000 #1
straight, prices in the 100-200, with a little more reasonable as far as possible, both positive and negative can pull the best
San Marco EX2010-02-02 08:14:33 +0000 #2
Louzhu Hello.

Plates and sets of a total budget of 100-200 yuan glue, so that the budget constraints a bit. In this way only to give priority to a higher price. Louzhu because they do not know the specific style of play, but hoping that they can pull you can move and shoot, it is recommended to use Galaxy MC-2, 5 wood imitation Stica OC structure, loop handle and reasonable control of excellence. 5.7mm board body, straight block shot too much meat and not that bad, pull play compatibility is better, is the low-end arc plate is very good reputation in a backplane. Online price of around 60.

Sets of glue, then forehand on the S & P 729 sets of vertical and horizontal bar, select the range of 42-44 degrees better, 729 set of rubber elasticity and speed than the Double Happiness Hurricane series of prominent, almost viscous, and Hurricane series showing the different characteristics of Amateur player is more easy to use; backhand 729 of the Tianyi is a good choice, with the backhand cross-compatibility of a good pull. Online prices are around 20.

Hope you are satisfied.
11420522632010-02-02 08:51:53 +0000 #3
Price 100 at 200, then there is no good, and I are 1,200 yuan
john_happy2010-02-02 08:23:59 +0000 #4
shop online at Amoy a good buy around 130 yuan bottom of Galaxy, the best 5-layer of pure wood, while shop Buy rubber, called buyers to help you stick better.

A positive or a Palio with mad Biao for 60 yuan, with the all-in like the opposite of 40 yuan! Price is not very clear.
mildnada2010-02-02 08:40:50 +0000 #5
friends, you can use "ping-pong ★ pailo eight weeks filming the new TNT Rio Carbon 5 wood two straight fast-break type of carbon substrate ping-pong 80.00 RMB, Palio Palio four sets of plastic both sides of Long series, Hidden Dragon in the new loop-type plastic pouches that can counter should be 150 quick money down. Oh, do not know if you are satisfied.



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