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imset2010-02-02 10:01:27 +0000 #1
private table tennis competition, people sign up for a period of 8 days, each day decide the winner and a champion, the project is the men's singles, women's singles. Decided at the ninth day of male and female champion each taking one game knockout system, three games. Requested the help of our friends probably think of a way. .
historical reproduction retro2010-02-02 10:16:04 +0000 #2
about how many people apply?

You decide the winner and a champion the first day, then the next day, or everyone playing?

Problem somewhat ambiguous.

I think the best is still to find a good seed, scattered to this 8-day competition, just as group games, the final nine-day, we can decide the winners of the!
Msorry88082010-02-02 10:24:36 +0000 #3
I think you are talking about every day of the competition is not the same bar! In this case, according to the number of how many of these players were divided into 7 groups, a day for a team race, daily decided at a male and female champions of the tournament group stage knockout or round robin system can choose, depending on the time and the number of people . In the first 8 days for the finals, in order to play intense, can be used knockout system, promotion of the seven players against the drawing of lots decided at the situation, one of them first-round bye, so easy. Of course, you can also separate competitions for men and women, all 4 days, according to the specific circumstances. You can put a specific number of people told me, I have a specific analysis.



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