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Japanese-style table tennis bat of the viscose!

Onizuka Eikichi 20002010-02-02 11:02:11 +0000 #1
Japanese style table tennis bats, that is, a square plate of that paragraph, Grip coarse, backhand where there is no rubber finger grip.

Does this racket for backhand stick rubber do, if you want, it should be how sticky?

Answer a good extra points Oh!
hanleizhangli2010-02-02 11:12:25 +0000 #2
If you do not use negative words, do not posted, as well as Japanese-style side panels recommendations are best not posted because of the structure and Chinese are different grip are also different, for racket focus and grip will have a certain impact. Chinese film-type conversion not as a smoothly

do not know what beat you are buying is generally a Japanese-style butterfly will be in place to withstand the back of the fingers, Grip and positive Paijian the site labeled anti-skid wood, probably oak , expensive.

If you want to paste the top things slip, but also cheap, is generally a long-paste adhesive, the thickness of thin, weight does not increase a lot, not expensive at all. You can also get others to do the long down the glue, just cut more than particles of that brand name engraved on an interception to the appropriate size. This small area and no more than a useless long glue.

Posted a time when, if the opposite has been painted, that is, non-wood color, it is necessary to say as the upper polishing, in order to paste glue. There is no paint can be posted directly.

In addition, rules, rackets to one side red, one side black, stationery, there are the kind of a roll of a roll of the sticky trap, I bought a long time ago, scientific name forgotten, a roll is not expensive.



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